mahindra pantero 2013 stallio

Will this be Mahindra’s year? Even though Mahindra came into the two wheeler world strongly in 2010 with the announcement of the Mojo and the Stallio, only the Stallio saw an all India release, and truth be told both the re-badged Kinetic (the Duro) and the Stallio did not really sell in huge volumes, probably the only model that did generate some decent volumes was the more recent Rodeo. Mahindra by now had shifted its focus to Motorsports and entered the Moto3 Championship. This move was not just an attempt for a brand makeover but also a well thought one that many international companies use to develop new machines. A massive world class R&D centre has been setup at Pune that will continuously work on developing new technology for the races and all that research will pay off by adapting these technologies to the street bikes to make it more efficient and powerful.

Now Industry talks now suggest that Mahindra are all set to announce three new two wheelers as early as January 2013. This will include a slightly redesigned Stallio, re-badged as the Pantero with a sorted out gear box, a new scooter and a ‘premium’ motorcycle. Well does the premium motorcycle point to the much delayed Mojo? Not much information is available at this time and the Mahindra official we contacted just would not say anything more. The original Stallio had an air cooled 106cc engine that put out about 7.3BHP at 7500 RPM and 8NM of torque at 5500RPM and that would probably remain the same on the new Pantero. So coming back to the question, could this be Mahindra’s year? Lets wait and see what they have in store for us. In the mean while you can check out the Mahindra Mojo’s specifications and more photographs of the Mojo.


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