Kawasaki seems to in the news for the last couple of weeks for all the right reasons. First the spy pictures of the new ZX-6R, then the EPA documents that shows that the new ZX-6R has a 636cc engine, and then the bigger news of a 400 a brand new 300 for the US markets. Now in what comes as another surprise are the pictures of the new Kawasaki Z800 for 2013.

Kawasaki has never been good at hiding their new bikes like the other manufacturers, but then that could be a plan as well. The new Kawasaki Z800 for 2013 is essentially an updated Z750R with a larger bore and apart from these pictures there is no other information available on the new Kawasaki Z800 as of now. But come September 13th and its a big day for Kawasaki who have a whole big event planned at Times Square, New York.


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