One of our favourite freestyle and urban Trial X rider Julien Dupont has decided to add another city to his already long list of places he’s conquered, Rio de Janeiro. The French rider doesn’t perform his stunts in the usual tourist area, but high up in the Vidigal favela which is situated 1700 feet above sea level that offers breathtaking views of Rio’s famous Leblon and Ipanema beaches.

Everybody back home told me before I came, ‘You’re going into a favela, are you crazy? You just don’t go in there, it’s too dangerous,” said Dupont. “Now am here I can see it’s not dangerous at all. The people are very friendly, there’s a very good vibe. This is an incredible spot for the type of riding I like to do. Everywhere you look there are stairs, walls, roofs, drop-offs and step-up jumps. It’s like a huge playground.”

Here is the video:


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