The Honda CBR 250R has been quite a successful motorcycle ever since its 2011 launch, with dealers being overbooked and the interest for it still going strong. Maybe one place where the customers lacked options were in the colour department, with just 3 options to choose from and Honda have finally announced another option. The 2012 update to the Honda CBR 250R brings a new tri-colour scheme called the Pearl Heron Blue colour combo inspired by HRC colours seen in the new CBR 1000RR.

Mr. N.K. Rattan, Vice President, Sales, Marketing & Corporate Affairs, Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India Pvt. Ltd, said “We revolutionized the performance category of motorcycles in India with the launch of the CBR 250R in March’11. Now, continuing this legacy in 2012, we have enhanced the aesthetic appeal of the Honda CBR 250R and introduced the new Pearl Heron Blue tri-colour to cater to expectations of young Indians.”

The new tri-coloured CBR 250R will also be available in two variants ABS and the non-ABS versions and would be dearer to you by almost 1000INR. The bikes with the new scheme are expected to reach showrooms by March 7th.


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