Late 2009 Honda brought in a 109cc motorcycle that definitely re-wrote the rules of the segment. The segment dominated by manufacturers pushing their machines for more fuel efficiency now suddenly had to worry about looks. Quite easily we have already established that the CB Twister looks leagues apart from competition in a good way but how does it perform in the real world and is the CB Twister that elusive daily commute bike that has it all – looks, efficiency and fun to ride? We put the CB Twister through the IAMABIKER review. Read on as we explore the CB Twister and all that it has to offer.

Engine and Performance

Slot it into first and get going and do not be surprised if you find the front wheel 5 inches off the ground. This 109cc engine producing 9bhp is incredibly short geared and even with a pillion on-board this super light motorcycle weighing in at just 108 kgs will get off the line quick and clean. The gearing is such that even in second gear you can get going with a pillion with no fuss at all. You can potter around the city in top gear at speeds as low as 20kmph with no fuss. The engine feels much more powerful than what it really is and the CB Twister just invites you to keep pushing it, and it does it in a smooth and refined way. Its a breeze to ride it around in traffic due its light weight and the quick acceleration. In open stretches you often end up searching for that 5th gear as you almost feel that his bike still has a lot more juice left. The CB Twister reached a top speed of 103kmph, which is good but then not a major selling point for buyers in this category.

Look and Feel and Build Quality

With sharp design lines, alloys and an engine that come in the currently trending all black treatment, a short stubby exhaust and bright red rear suspensions makes sure that you would not miss the CB Twister if it went past. The quality of plastic used around the motorcycle is pretty decent. The CB Twister would look perfectly proportionate if not for the empty space around the engine. From the front it might deceive you into believing it is a motorcycle from the 150cc segment. The instrument console and the switch gear on the CB Twister are probably the only mismatch in the entire package, quite a bland and boring looking console and low quality switch gears. We were quite surprised to find the bike coming with an open chain set-up, Yes, it might add to the over all sporty looks but a pain in terms of maintenance, especially considering the fact that the customers in this segment look for a ‘fill it and forget it’ bike and cannot be bothered about lubing the chains every few hundreds of kilometres. Check out the Honda CB Twister detailed gallery for a part by part view.

Handling and Braking

The CB Twister is extremely light at 108 kilograms, which makes it easy to manoeuvre through traffic. The suspension is quite soft and will save your back from almost everything that comes your way. Even if you decide to push the bike and have some fun the CB Twister complies with sharp handling and good control, although that is when you realise the real skinny tyres to be inadequate. The braking department quite severely needs a disc brake at the front and that is available as an optional extra. With the way this bike builds up speed in the first few gears a disc brake makes for a perfect companion.

Accessories and Key features

The Honda CB Twister is bike with a pretty basic set of accessories and features. The under seat area is easy to access via the lock provided at the rear. The under seat space is definitely nothing to boast about, it can hold your documents and the provided tool kit. The tool kit is pretty basic too. The 35W headlights are pretty good and have a good throw but lacks a pilot lamp. Another interesting welcome addition is the tubeless tyres. The indicators are of the flexible type and new for a Honda. The seats are extremely comfortable and the pillion gets a very usable strong grab-rail to hold on to.

Value for Money

Honda claims a mileage of 70kmpl and our figures were not exactly close at 53kmpl in the city and 60kmpl on the highways, but again we were not exactly going easy on the throttle. A light hand on the throttle with constant speeds of about 40-50kmph would definitely give you numbers closer to the claimed, but that is not going to be easy on this bike. We come back to the open chain here as it definitely will wear out the chain sprocket set fast considering our dusty conditions. The addition of a viscous air-filter does help bring down replacement intervals and thus maintenance costs. The CB Twister also gets a maintenance free battery.

Final Verdict

The Honda CB Twister changes the conventional rules of a commuter segment bike. The combined package of looks and efficiency help make the CB Twister appealing to all age groups. The CB Twister is available in six colour options. Priced at Rs 45,140/- for the basic version, Rs 48,032/- for the self-start version and Rs 51,175/- for self start and front disc version (all prices ex-showroom Delhi) the CB Twister as you can see is quite competitively priced. We are definitely in love with the CB Twister and it is a reminder that small capacity units can still be a lot of fun.

Specifications Sheet
Design4-stroke, Air cooled
Displacement109 cm³
Torque9 Nm @ 6000 RPM
Power9 BHP @ 8,000 RPM
Starting aidKick / Electric (optional)
Transmission4 speed, 1 down 3 up
FrameTwin pipe type
Front SuspensionTelescopic hydraulic forks
Rear Shock absorberSpring shockabsorber
Brake system FrontDrum brake – Disc optional
Brake system RearDrum brake
Brake drum – diameter front110 mm
Brake disc – diameter front240 mm
Brake drum – diameter rear130 mm
Wheel base1,262 mm
Ground clearance (unloaded)180 mm
Height1075 mm
Total fuel tank capacity approx.8 L Normal unleaded petrol
Kerb Weight108 kg
Battery12 Volt 3 Amp maintenance free
Head lights12V 35/35 W H4

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  1. I want to know only about the millage of CB Twister in the city ride. if any starting issue about the bike. Please tell me clear .

    • Open chain usually is not good, but with regular cleaning and maintenance about every 400-500kms it should be fine. Depends on what type of tyre you are putting, if its a wider tyre with a larger profile then you might see a drop in performance and mileage.

  2. I’m buying this bike, your review made me have clear mind about buying.
    thanks lot, nice review. The only confusion I have is which color helmet to buy ???
    white or black ??
    Keep the good work going !!!!
    Thank you.

    • Well the stock tyres are a bit too low profile, but are light and thin so that you get the best mileage out of the bike. You can go for a slightly larger profile of tyre. We have see many people shifting to slightly larger ones from MRF.


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