Below is a detailed part by part photo gallery of the Honda CB Twister. Check out the complete Honda CB Twister review here.


  1. I’m buying this bike, your review made me have clear mind about buying.
    thanks lot, nice review. The only confusion I have is which color helmet to buy ???
    white or black ??
    Keep the good work going !!!!
    Thank you.

  2. Very nice review and ofcourse Pearl white is my favorit color in Twister. So kudos for the nice pictures. When CB Twister was launched,it was a revelation in the commuter segment. The styling is bang on. However, though this bike excels in few parameters, it also falls short in few parameters. The Twister is not reasonably priced and for a self version in Bangalore OTR is 58000. With a few more grand you get the Yamaha SZX whose fit and finish is top notch. A look at Twisters instrument panel and SZX instrument panel will give out the story. The small tyres and skimpy use of materials make the Twister look minuscule compared to other bikes.


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