Honda Activa

  • Manufacturer:
  • Make:
  • CC:
  • Horse Power:
    8 BHP
  • Top Speed:
    85 kmph
  • Price Delhi:
    INR: 46,099/-

The ever popular Honda Activa has been with us for more than a decade now and back in  2009 it received a much needed update. The scooter got a cosmetic update to keep it in tune with the times and the engine got a small bump in cubic capacity and now stands at 109cc. So how does the new Activa take the game forward? Read on.

Engine and Performance

The new Honda Activa now has a 109cc engine and an increase in power to 8.11 bhp. Apart from the characteristic lag to get going the acceleration is smooth and constant, the increase of 1bhp is actually really not that evident. But yes it is a bit more energetic off the line. Even with a heavy pillion on-board things were still pretty good in the acceleration department, it definitely is no rocket but pulls around in traffic easily. The Activa topped out at a decent 85kmph and does that with a pillion as well.

Look and Feel and Build Quality

The re-designed Honda Activa definitely adds some finer design elements that keep it more chic and in tune with the times. But then again the Activa never had a loud bold design, and so does the new Activa. The Activa has an all metal body that add a little bit of weight to the scooter. Small design features go onto the front section to give it bit more character on road and to make sure you do not get the old and new mixed up there are some design cuts on the rear side panels above the pillion footrest. The  indicators are clear lens and are in tune with the times. There are minor changes in the design lines all across the new Activa but these are subtle and smooth.

Handling and Braking

The new Honda Activa is a charm in the city. Although it shares the same stiff suspension as the other sibling the Dio, the folks at Honda have made the seat really soft and with the slight change in ergonomics that the seat has received the ride is now quite forgiving on your spine. The scooter is very easy to flick around and the really relaxed riding position would not tire you at all in the everyday traffic battle. The Activa handled really well even at speeds of 70-80kmph, the braking is good and better compared to the previous generation and the introduction of the Combi Brake System (CBS) which basically applies the front brakes lightly when the rear brakes are applied is definitely a welcome addition, but we wish the Activa came with telescopic forks at the front as under hard braking the front gets a bit twitchy.

Accessories and Key features

The updated Activa gets couple of new features. The front locking system gets a protective slide that shields the lock. The speedometer is new and is much more sporty looking than its predecessor. The under seat storing space will comfortably take in a lot of odds and ends, sadly though it wont hold a full faced helmet, but a half face helmet would fit in easily. The pillion grab rails are nicely placed and one can grip them firmly. The rear view mirrors are functional but they definitely need to be larger. The essential side stand still remains an accessory.

Value for Money

Honda claims an improved mileage of 15% for the new Activa. We got an average fuel efficiency of 40kmpl, pretty much what is expected from an automatic. The viscous air filter has a longer service interval than the conventional and is another factor that could keep regular running costs down. The all metal body makes it a bit tough on the pocket in case you want to replace it.

Final Verdict

The new Honda Activa definitely needs no major publicity or convincing and is one the best scooters out there that you can confidently put your money on. We how ever wish that Honda took the game forward with telescopic forks at the front and even disc brake at-least as an option. At Rs 46,099 (ex-showroom, Delhi) the Activa is at that well balanced pricing spot right close to its competitors and is a definite strong contender.

Specifications Sheet
Design 4-stroke, Air cooled
Displacement 109 cm³
Torque 8.6 Nm @ 5500 RPM
Power 5.1 Kw (8.11 BHP) @ 7,500 RPM
Starting aid Electric starter & Kick
Transmission Automatic
Frame Underbone type
Front Suspension Linked hydraulic dampers
Rear Shock absorber Monoshock
Brake system Front Drum brake – with CBS
Brake system Rear Drum brake – with CBS
Brake drum – diameter front 130 mm
Brake drum – diameter rear 130 mm
Wheel base 1,238 mm
Ground clearance (unloaded) 145 mm
Seat height (unloaded) 765 mm
Total fuel tank capacity approx. 5.3L Normal unleaded petrol
Kerb Weight 111kg
Battery 12 Volt 5 Amp maintenance free
Head lights 12V 35/35 W H4

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  1. please giva a cover to activa like cas to safe us in rain and sun,winter mean to say protact us from weather changes so please convert it into two wheeler car


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