Aptly called Motard V-Twin, Ghezzi-Brian presents his latest creation based on the Moto Guzzi Griso. The bike gets some high profile technical updates that makes it better than the original. The mighty Guzzi’s 1151 cc V-Twin is in full view and not hidden by fairings, it has been tweaked in order to generate 115 Hp with 111 Nm of peak torque at 6000 RPM.

This Motard V-Twin weighs 220 kg and comes with the typical ’sharp nose’ of the supermotos. On the front there are two round-shaped headlights that are overlapped and embedded in the front fairing in order to recall the previous kits and models offered by Ghezzi-Brian. The Motard V-Twin Ghezzi-Brian sports a Dynamic Damping Action which is a dynamic regulator of the front shock absorber based on a completely new technology which is also functionally different from the modern electronically adjustable suspensions. The system uses a damper with a special valve which is electronically controlled and regulates the hydraulics of the fork. This valve can vary up to 10,000 Newtons in ‘damping’ in just 10 milliseconds. The Motard V-Twin also boasts of other important features like forged aluminium wheels by Kineo, a fully adjustable fork and Brembo calipers. The saddle is very much in ‘motard’ style but is not prohibitive in terms of height.

Ghezzi-Brian offers several options for customizing the bike, in terms of both color choices and components, and also offers a Motard V-Twin kit that can be used by the owners of the Moto Guzzi Griso as the bike the shares the same basic mechanics with the Motard V-Twin.


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