The eCRP Energica was first revealed to the world in prototype form at the EICMA 2011. It was probably the only electric that actually received any attention. This electric developed by CRP Racing became an instant hit, it was going to be the first all-electric Italian sports bike. Come 2012 and CRP Racing have put in the extra effort and came to the EICMA with the final production version of the Energica.

eCRP Energica production version bookings begin

The motor on the eCRP Energica is powered by a 11.7 kwh battery pack and can put out 136 HP with a beautiful linear torque of 160Nm. The CRP team claim a top speed of 220 kmph and a range of 150 km. Other finer details of the bike include a steel trellis frame with adjustable Marzocchi forks, ZF Sachs monoshock, Brembo brakes (double floating braking 310 mm discs at the front and rear single braking disc of 220 mm of diameter), digital multi-function LCD dashboard, ride-by-wire, multiple engine mappings selectable on the go, LED headlights and a custom seat by Schedoni, a renowned Italian specialist known for his work on car interiors for such clients as Ferrari and Pagani. The eCRP Energica will be available for purchase from 2014 and bookings are already open. Finally it looks like there might be some hope in the ‘electric’ future of motorcycles. Check out below for a detailed explanation on the eCRP Energica and more photographs.


  1. The bike looks beautiful , specs are also awesume.
    downside is low range of 150 kms but still it is good to go for city traffic ..

    great effort .


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