The folks at Vilner customs are at it again, this time they take the Ducati Monster 1100 Evo and add their special touch to it. Taking design inspiration from Praying Mantis, this bike is made a bit more compact than the original. The engine gets a 10bhp power bump and some extra care taken to reduce the vibrations. Only hundred of these will be made and it sure looks like these will sell like hot cakes.

Here is a list of mods done on the bike:

Two side details, combined with an aluminum holder to the frame. Those are connected to each other at the bottom with a third detail which is used for fastening the construction and reducing the vibration

  • New details on the seat
  • New headlights
  • Increased engine power (+10 hp.)
  • Shorter rear part (- 10 cm.)
  • All the details are lacquered in “pearl white” colour, which is not offered for the standard model Ducati Monster Evo. The difference with the standard “pearl white” of Ducati (for the other Ducati models) is in the gray and not in the gold shade.
  • The rims are lacquered in two colours

Click here to visit the Ducati Monster Bulgari gallery


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