Cyril Despres signs with Spanish LS2 Helmets

The 2013 Dakar is just around the corner and various teams are heading down to South America for the challenge. Among the favourites for this years Dakar Challenge is Cyril Despres who has just signed with Spanish helmet manufacturer LS2.

“I am very excited by this new association and am impressed by their enthusiasm and reactivity. LS2 are keen to expand their off-road range and this is the perfect opportunity for me to work hand in hand with a dynamic partner and be directly involved in the development of their products. Safety has always been a top priority for me and after appreciating the quality of their helmets and their extensive research and development capacity I didn’t hesitate to sign with them.”

Máximo Sanguinetti, LS2 Marketing Director has also declared that his company is honored by Despres’ agreement and will try to live up to his fame: “It is an honour for us to add to our team the #1 off-road rider in the world. Our alliance with him is closely related to our aim of becoming the #1 helmet brand in the next 5 years. We identify with Cyril by his professionalism, by his integrity as a person and his total commitment to everything he does.”


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