Custom Yamaha R1 by Sesto Custom Cycles

The topic of custom motorcycles is a delicate one, delicate because its either a full on smash hit or a ultimate flop. The International Motorshow (IMS) at Long Beach is one place where best come to display their works. This time the honours of the best custom motorcycle goes to a radical design from the guys at Sesto Custom Cycles. The modified R1 was most definitely the talk of the show.

This Yamaha R1 has its front suspension replaced by a single-sided, hub-centre steered front end, radically stretched and fitted with a 240-section tire to match the rear. The system is a full working one too, a point which the makers proved by riding the bike in from its build garage. The copper toned paint job is a tribute to Yamaha‘a musical history, and the original company logo is also incorporated on the body.


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