Couple of months back we introduced the Confederate X132 Hellcat Combat and ever since more and more news seem to be creeping in about these radical looking machines. This time all the buzz is coming in from the Salt flats of Bonneville. The Confederate X132 Hellcat Combat has just set a new record by doing a speed of 172.211mph (277.146kmph) in the APF3000 category which is for the unfaired, naturally aspirated, pushrod v-twin engines above 2000cc. This makes the X132 Hellcat Combat the fastest big block V-twin in the world.

The X132’s engine has a 2,163cc, 56 degree, fuel injected V-Twin producing about 150 Nm of torque and 132 horsepower. Even with this kind of power figures its truly a challenge to push this naked bike to its maximum, as the rider has to cope with massive amounts of wind blast and still keep the bike steady and straight. Go Confederate team!


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