The Confederate X132 Hellcat 2012 boasts a billet aluminum engine case machined from two hunks of 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum. Whereas past Confederate products have had to rely on outsourced engine cases, the company says that the X132 Hellcat is a purebred. The V-twin gurus at S&S likely had a hand in the lump’s development, however. Like every other bike to roll out of the manufacturer’s Alabama facility, the X132 Hellcat makes use of a raft of high-end components right down to its stainless steel nuts and bolts.

Of course, that level of attention to detail comes with a price tag to match. If you like what you see, you’ll have to hand over $49,500. That’s a far cry cheaper than the company’s previous efforts, and you still get to chew on 145 pound-feet of torque from a 2,200 cc V-twin engine. Did we mention the bike weighs in at a scant 475 pounds?

Check out the Confederate X132 Hellcat gallery for detailed photographs.



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