Bulgarian tuner Vilner Custom Bike known for their award-winning car interiors, gets involved in a custom motorcycle project courtesy a wealthy Russian businessman looking for a unique and exclusive motorcycle. Vilner Custom Bike needed 6 months to turn this idea into reality, using their magic wands on a BMW F800R.

The Predator is 25 cm shorter while the saddle is no longer good for two people, though the rider will be able to enjoy a more comfortable and wider one. The rear tire gets bigger, the indicators are from a Z4 Roadster (yes, we mean the convertible car from BMW) while the body gets 17 new parts, 9 of which made from carbon fibre and the other 8 are chromium-plated. The highlight of the bike is the headlamp, which uses bi-xenon lights as well as red LED lights. Its unique, handcrafted exhaust system also plays a big part in making this awesome machine 6.5 kg lighter than the standard BMW F800 R. Check out the BMW F 800R Predator gallery for more photographs. Also check out the video below.

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