Suzuki have almost made it a habit now to come with a limited edition GSX-R every year. Although currently this news comes directly from Yoshimura itself, this is in-fact the limited edition Yoshimura version from the Suzuki team for 2013. No official details have been announced by Suzuki yet.

This limited edition Suzuki GSX-R Yoshimura has all the latest from Yoshimura and for once has a good paint job to go with it, last years was well, not so appealing. In terms of the modifications that has gone into this GSX-R, it is the best that Yoshimura has got, but quite similar to the one done up last year. We are not saying its bad, it at-least on paper seems to pack quite a punch. The new stuff and differences in what we can deduce visually include a custom saddle, mirror block-off plates, wave brake discs, OZ wheels, and a rear shock linkage kit have been added to the mix as well as optional items. Check out below for some details on the mods that have gone in and more photographs.

2013 Yoshimura Suzuki GSX-R Limited Edition highlights
  • Fender Eliminator Kit (not D.O.T approved)
  • Case Savers
  • Chassis Protectors
  • Axle Adjuster Blocks
  • Race Stand Stoppers
  • Steering Stem Nut
  • Bar Ends
  • Engine Plug Kit
  • Oil Filler Plug Kit
  • *Rear Shock Linkage(optional)
  • *Wave Rotors(optional)
  • *Mirror Block-off Plates(optional)
  • *OZ Wheels(optional)


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