Do you remember the O2 Pursuit concept, made by an industrial design student Dean Benstead? This concept motorcycle is powered by compressed air and now has is a fully functional prototype. The O2 Pursuit is based on a Yamaha WR250R with a cylinder of compressed air replacing the fuel tank.

The compressed air powers a DiPietrov air motor which in theory can provide enough juice for a top speed of 140 km / h. As much attractive as the maximum speed is, there are still limitations that cannot be avoided. One of them is the space required to store enough compressed air to ensure a “normal” range. In order to have a decent range the currently used diving cylinders need to be filled with higher pressures that it cannot cope. This requires a custom built cylinder that can withstand the high pressure demand. The idea is definitely one that can become very successful but practically its still a long way from being a direct plug in replacement to our more conventional modes of transport.


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