Millions of bike-loving adults love nothing more than spending hours on the saddle. Finding routes to explore simply to enjoy the thrill of the open road on your two-wheeled machine can be one of life’s great pleasures, and many bikers eagerly look forward to the weekend to indulge in this passion. With the holiday season rapidly approaching, it may be the ideal opportunity to consider going on a longer-distance bike trip.

Harley Davidson Fat Boy Anniversary edition
Harley Davidson Fat Boy Anniversary edition

You may have time off work during Christmas and New Year and a lack of other commitments, which makes this idea a tempting proposition. However, it is of paramount importance that any long-distance bike trip includes a comprehensive level of planning to ensure that the experience is enjoyable and trouble-free. This article will discuss some top tips that will help you prepare and plan for such an adventure.

Plan your route effectively

As a first point, spending time planning your route is vitally important. A clear understanding of the available road networks to you will help shape your journey. For example, you may not necessarily wish to take the most direct route to your destination, as this may involve riding on extremely busy and uninteresting highways. It can be better to choose routes that take you on less busy roads, ideally, those that have spectacular views or points of interest to stop off at on your trip.

Thankfully, the process of planning your route can be achieved with minimum fuss by using a free navigation app such as Google Maps or Waze. Many of these apps will also assist you during your journey by providing live traffic updates, allowing you to avoid routes that have become congested or are the location of road traffic accidents.

Consider evening entertainment

Time is also needed to plan for your evening entertainment along the route. A longer road trip may take days to complete, and you will want to find fun and exciting things to do, especially if your route takes you through remote areas with little in the way of evening activities. In such circumstances, it can be ideal to consider the fun and excitement that can be gained by playing at online casinos from your smartphone.

Many bikers find that playing real money slots at a professionally run online site can be the ideal way to provide thrills after a day of riding. Most motels and hotels will have fast and reliable Wi-Fi to enable these games, but even if they do not, your phone can likely connect to such games just by using your network provider. If you are using an unsecured network to game online, be sure to access the sites via a virtual private network. This will encrypt your mobile data and will give you an extra layer of online security when making deposits or withdrawals with your bank details.

Service your bike

As a brief final point, always remember to service your bike ahead of your trip. This should be self-explanatory, but many inexperienced bikers forget to undertake this valuable step before setting off. It can make the difference between a trip that is trouble-free or one that requires a search to find a local garage. Put simply, having to wait for essential repairs to be made will disrupt your plans and may become costly. Take your bike to a reputable mechanic in the week leading up to your trip and ensure that it is deemed fit to cover a long distance.


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