Wearing motorcycle boots will help you prevent injuries in case of accidents right? But just wearing boots will not be enough to ensure the maximum protection of your feet while riding a motorcycle. To provide a suitable platform for your feet to support your entire body, you need to wear boots that fit your legs perfectly.

This is because wearing too tight boots will hurt your feet, leading to foot ailments like blisters, bunions, and calluses. On the other hand, wearing too loose boots can be removed, leaving your foot unprotected.

That’s why you should choose a good pair of boots that are completely fitted and allow your foot to breathe. However, ensure the boot does not move too much on your foot. Read this context to know more about motorcycle riding boots.

Risk of Wearing Too Tight or Loose Riding Boots

The prime reason for wearing riding boots is to support the rider’s foot while riding a motorcycle. Actually, without the support of any boots, it can be challenging to control a motorcycle. A motorcycle requires controlling each movement in order to ride safely. Wearing too loose riding boots can’t support legs and joints, leading to severe injuries.

Besides, too tight riding boots can affect the legs’ bloodstream and cause swelling or tingling in the feet. Swelling issues can make the rider unable to wear long boots. And also, tingling creates a terrific discomfort that distracts the rider. On the contrary, too-tight boots can impede the proper movement of the rider’s feet and ankles.

In that condition, the rider will not control the motorcycle pedals correctly. These problems suffer those with wide feet because of the inability to wear regular-sized riding boots. In that case, wearing motorcycle riding boots for wide feet is the most ideal choice. These boots offer enough room equal to the thickness of your finger.

Why Are a Well-Fitted Pair of Riding Boots Important?

Having a helmet on your head is just as crucial as wearing the right pair of riding boots. The boot acts as a protective area for various parts of the ankle and foot. The legs are a very complex part of nature. In fact, there are 26 different bones in the foot. A good shoe helps to keep these parts safe at all times. We have shown some significant benefits of wearing riding boots below.

The Shin-Bone

The shin bone is known as a fragile bone that breaks most of the time during a motorcycle accident. In that case, a good pair of riding boots helps to protect the shin bones. These riding boots are integrated with a hard plastic part to protect this bone.

The Ankle

The ankle is one of the most necessary parts of the foot to walk. That is why no one desires it to be harmed. Riding boots are equipped with special ankle protection to ensure the ankle shield. These boots help protect your ankles from twisting, adding additional protection.

The Toes

Something dropping on your toes can really hurt you. While riding a motorcycle, there are lots of chances you get hurt on your toes. In that case, wearing a good pair of boots will help to protect your toes. This will protect your toes even if someone rides on your feet or when you stand on your feet.

The Heel

While riding a motorcycle, the heel of your foot is exposed a lot. For that, it’s essential to have enough protection to keep the heel from getting hit. In that circumstance, wearing the right fitting boots will help to protect your heel from being hurt.

How Tight Should Riding Boots Be?

Wearing the proper boots is crucial to ensure the rider’s foot protection while riding a motorcycle. Just ensuring maximum safety is not good enough; the boots should be comfortable to wear. For that, your riding boots should fit firmly around your feet. This will allow your feet to breathe easily.

Besides, make sure your worn boots are not too loose so that they easily move between your feet and the boot. Even if you have high boots, your calf must not be moved inside the boot. Remember that it is preferable to wear little loose riding boots instead of excessively tight ones. 

How to Find the Right-Sized Motorcycle Riding Boots?

Typically, most people go to a local shoe store and purchase riding boots measured through a Brannock device. This device enables you to get the correct size of your feet according to the foot length. Alternatively, you can measure the length of the boot with your feet against the wall, move your weight forward and use a measuring tape.

Also, you can use your previous boot experience to get the right-size riding boots. It is also good to examine whether the boot is in the right shape. For example, some European boots tend to be slightly shorter and thinner than US sizes. However, if you wish to buy full-shape boots, you have to consider the size of your calf. It is good to check how high the boots will come and how much compatibility you will get in that area.

Make sure your chosen boot is comfortable to wear. Remember, not too much loose or tight, just snag. The boots should curl around your feet and offer you adequate movement. So, you can easily move your toes but not too much so that the boot cab tingles while riding a motorcycle. You need to keep your feet and ankles tight enough, but make sure you will not feel any pain after the ride.


Wearing boots will help you ensure the protection of your feet whether you are riding a motorcycle or bicycle. But the fact is that just wearing a pair of boots will not provide the highest safety for your feet. For that, you will need to wear a good pair of boots that are completely fitted to your leg. However, some riders are confused about how tight the riding boots should be.

That’s why in this context, we have tried to provide a complete idea in this regard. You might have understood how tight your riding boots need to be through reading this context. Typically, your worn boots should be adjusted firmly around your foot to breathe easily. Remember, it is preferable to wear little loose riding boots than too tight.


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