Harley Davidson is a renowned motorcycle brand among bikers. Riding a Harley is more like a passion and a dream come true for bikers. And when they ride a Harley, bikers try to be fully equipped with gears to ride for an adventure. A quality headgear will let you enjoy the fullest on the road. But For a Harley, which one a rider should depend on is the most challenging decision to make

Most Harley riders choose a full-face helmet as their protection gear while riding out of all the other types of helmets. A full-face helmet also serves its owner comfort on the road, not only for fashion reasons.

So take a ride to the rest of this article and know why a full-face helmet is okay for Harley riders.

Types of helmets for Harley

You might already have noticed that there’s an enormous amount of headgear for Harley available in the market. All the helmets can be divided into three primary categories:

Full-face Helmet

A full-face helmet covers your full face and the neck area from any danger. Choosing a top-notch Full Face Helmet for Harley Riders can indeed offer a safe trip with utmost safety.

This type of headgear is designed with expertise to shield your face and also an attached chin bar that supports your lower part of the face.

¾ faced/Open-faced Helmet

Open-faced Helmets are headgears eliminating the chain bar and the face shield from a full-face helmet. A rider’s face is wholly exposed after wearing this type of helmet.

An open-faced helmet can’t ensure maximum safety as it can only shield the skull area of your rider’s head.

Harley-Davidson Low Rider S India
Harley-Davidson Low Rider S India

Half Helmets

Half and open-faced helmets have many similar features that differentiating them becomes pretty hard if you’re a beginner. Some people consider half and open-faced helmets as the same. These helmets are not the highest restrictive and only offer to protect a minimum portion of your head surface.

Is it Okay to ride a Harley with a full-face helmet?

It is absolutely okay to ride your Harley wearing a full-face helmet. In fact, genuine Harley cruiser riders opt for full-face helmets as they promise to protect the maximum surface of the head, including the neck area.

Owning a Harley gives you the freedom to choose any type of headgear. From old-school open face to today’s generation’s full-faced racing adventure, almost every kind pairs quite perfectly with Harley Bikes. Along with fashion, a rider should also be concerned about safety. That’s where full-face helmets arrive as the savior.

Harley-Davidson Sportster S HD wallpaper
Harley-Davidson Sportster S HD wallpaper

Why choose a full-face helmet for Harley?

Harley Davidson is known for its expensive bikes. Harley riders love to ride their bike, wearing all the bike gear to parade the Harley. And to start with, the headgear attracts the most after their Harley. As we’ve already said, Harley owners prefer to wear full-face helmets; here are the reasons:

Maximum Safety

One of the prime reasons to choose full-face helmets is that they ensure the owners with maximum safety. You won’t find the added protection it serves to your neck and chin in the other helmet types.

Boosting Confidence

You won’t like to lose your confidence while riding the Harley. A full-face helmet boosts your confidence to ride the bike with pride on the road. A full-face helmet wrapping around your head will let you enjoy the trip without having any stress.

Coverage area

Wearing full-face helmets protects your face from dust, sound, rain, stones, bugs, and whatnot. You have to compromise a little bit of your comfort as the ventilation system is not open like other types. But to have maximum safety, it’s a win-win deal for you.

Convenience features

The best feature that a full-face helmet comes with is the inbuilt Bluetooth sound system. Now smart full-face helmets also have an in-built alerting system for alcohol and smoking, a breath deflector, a Thermoelectric cooler, and many more tech features.

In short, relying on a full-face helmet than other types is safer for trips with a Harley. Alongside, you can find many cool and funky designed helmets available in the market.

How to choose a full-face helmet for Harley?

Now that you know why you should ride your Harley wearing a full-face helmet, it’s time to pick the right one for you. You should keep in mind some key features when choosing a helmet. We’ve listed some significant traits that Harley riders can’t ignore in a full-face helmet.

Shell Material

Helmet shell material should be durable and safe for your head. If the material is not strong, using a helmet is nothing but fashion. Manufacturers around the world prefer to use polymers instead of metals.

Shell Design

Shell design of full-face helmets determines the direction of the wind while riding. The shape will allow the amount of force the rider would face going forward. Aerodynamically shaped helmets help you to travel without any interruption.


The next feature you should consider is the visor of the helmet. The visor allows you to have a clear and broad vision of the road and surroundings. Along with giving good vision, the visor should protect from fog and raindrops.


The inner layer of the helmet must provide you with comfort. Check for the material used in inner layers to avoid suffocation or discomfort. Inner layer with the EPS liner can absorb the maximum amount of shocks at the last moment.

Size and weight

Size and weight of your helmet matters when you ride the bike. Too heavy or oversized helmets will become a problem to maintain while concentrating on the road. A lightweight medium-sized helmet is a must for bikers.


Not only the Claustrophobics should be concerned about ventilation in bike helmets. The cons of using Full-face helmets is that it allows small room for ventilation. A well-ventilated helmet’s airports in the inner chamber should allow air to move and lessen the suffocating atmosphere.


No matter how comfortable or high-quality materials are used to build your helmet, you’ll sweat on your trips. Sweat can cause a bad odor resulting in discomfort and suffocation in the helmet. Quickly washable helmets can get rid of your problems by allowing you to wash the helmet whenever you want.


If you own a Harley and couldn’t decide whether to wear a full-face helmet or not, we hope you got your answer. As you’ve come this far, now you have strong points to buy a cool and funky-looking full-face helmet to ride with your Harley.

Your top-most priority for choosing a helmet should be the maximum safety it can offer. Riding a Harley is sure to be a fun and enjoyable journey, but each trip also risks road accidents. Not only casualties, but you will also face rain, thunderstorms, and different natural calamities.

So don’t think twice and buy a full-face helmet and sit on your to go for an adventure. We will be waiting to know about your rips and experience.



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