The official Yamaha Brazil website has updated colours for R1 in the Brazilian market, we have seen pictures of the same uploaded by one of our readers on our fanpage. The blue scheme is very similar to the current European models, but the black scheme features a black bellypan rather than white and black wheels instead of gold. The red machine is already offered in America with a skull ghost rider type paint job, and the all-black model is like a stealth edition of the R1, black body, black wheels, black forks. The tuning fork logo and embossed “R1” logo provide a dash of colour in the black colour scheme.

The cross-plane crankshaft and the only on the R1 ‘long-bang’ firing order give it a unique selling point. The R1 still though lacks the high-tech electronics with which its rivals are pushing ahead in the sales numbers. Gadgets like traction control, adjustable ABS and other features are still not yet available on the 2012 Yamaha R1.


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