Rumors at the end of last year suggested that Erik Buell and the team were busy with the development of a EBR enduro motorcycle, which could have an engine capacity of 450 cc. But now there is confirmed news that EBR is planning for a 250CC for the younger/learning entrants of the motorcycle world.

The new information coming from EBR’s direction comes most probably since it is precisely this kind of bike that is increasingly being sold in the world. The only obstacle that we’re seeing for Erik Buell is the company’s financial strength, which is not exactly impressive. The company goes strictly by order and works on the deposit paid. Hence it will be difficult to raise the money needed for the development of such a motorcycle. We sure do hope they figure something out. With the reputation that these motorcycle have world over, a Erik Buell 250 Enduro would be pure unadulterated fun!


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