New TVS Apache imagesIt’s been a long time coming, TVS very badly needed new motorcycles in their portfolio and we have been going crazy trying to anticipate how the BMW connection will affect future TVS models. New TVS Apache images have been pouring in over the past couple of weeks and now for the first time we have some clear photographs with which we can decipher some much needed details. First things first, it is very clear that there are at least two different versions of the motorcycle. This, because we have sets of photographs of the motorcycle with clip on handle bars and then some with the regular handle bars. Now it may just be TVS testing out long term effects of both and we finally might see only one version, but we suspect our theory of two versions being the more appropriate one.

Now two versions could also mean two different capacities for the motorcycle. It is most likely that the entire TVS Apache lineup is being upgraded. So expect a new totally redesigned Apache series. Now coming to the engine side of things, let’s talk about the highest spec one. The new entry into the Apache family will be the TVS Apache 200. Expected to be fuel injected with a external oil cooler (not liquid cooled), this new Apache is expected to produce power in the range of 24 HP and take the fight right towards the Pulsar AS/RS/NS and the Duke and RC 200. This new TVS Apache 200 will have clip on handlebars that as an added bonus to differentiate itself from the lower capacity versions. Switchable ABS at least as an option will surely be available.

The lower capacity versions is expected to have the regular carbureted system and have engine capacities in the range of the existing 160-180cc. Other than that the new Apache series will share the same design lines across the entire range which includes the huge tank that reminds us of the Draken concept that was showcased at the Auto Expo earlier. Split seats and a high tail section with 130 section tyres also seem to be common across all the versions.

From what we can see here, we expect all the versions of the new TVS Apache to be carbureted ones. This would enable TVS to price the motorcycles very competitively in the market. While the expected new TVS Apache 200 will take on the bigger competition mainly the Pulsar AS/RS/NS, the lower spec will surely be targeted at the ongoing battle between the Gixxer, Hornet and the FZ. Expected launch date is on January 20th, however we expect the complete model release at the Auto Expo 2016.

New TVS Apache images

Images thanks to Motorbeam & Rushlane


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