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The end of September saw Bajaj launch a new colour option for the company’s latest flagship lightweight super-sport, the Pulsar RS 200, with the ‘Fear The Black’ campaign. The Pulsar RS 200 colour options initially were limited to Yellow and Red during its launch in March this year. With only two colour options, the Pulsar RS 200 badly needed an addition to its fleet. Fans now would be excited with the all new black edition colour option which is called the Pulsar RS 200 demon black.

Bajaj announced the launch with a press release and some interesting details about the sales figures of their flagship bike. The release has pointed that the Pulsar RS 200 has claimed leadership in the supersports segment already since its launch in March 2015. Bajaj have sold a staggering 15,000 bikes during the period of 1st April-31st August. The new demon black Pulsar RS 200 colour option comes as a celebration of this success.

Bajaj was actually caught unexpected with the enormous positive response received in the market for the Pulsar RS 200 and had to ramp-up their production to keep up with the demand. Speaking during the launch of the new demon black Pulsar RS 200 colour option, Mr. Eric Vas, the President of Motorcycle Business acknowledged the overwhelming response Pulsar RS 200 has received across the country in a short span of four months. He added that the new demon black edition is a beautiful bike and with its combined racing genes, will certainly attract more biking enthusiasts.

The Pulsar RS 200 is seriously turning some heads, even at the international level. The new video by Bajaj for the Pulsar RS 200 Demon Black edition caught the eyes of some publications in Europe as well. The new Bajaj Pulsar RS 200 demon black edition features new premium black colour along with minimal red sport graphics. Many people were not really happy about the Pulsar RS 200 and complained that the styling of bike was an overkill and that it was overdone. They can be happy with the new demon black as the new dark shade tones, mellow down the excessive styling on the bike. The new demon black edition apart from the visual update does not feature any new mechanical updates. This new Pulsar RS 200 colour option is already available across all showrooms.

The Pulsar RS 200 was also spotted earlier with two new colour options which have not been released yet. One bike was spotted with a white-blue colour scheme and another was with a black-gold colour scheme. No word from Bajaj regarding those options though.

The Pulsar RS 200 is a great package for an entry-level super-sports bike. But, we hope that Bajaj takes the safety of its riders more seriously and offers the Pulsar RS 200 with updated two-channel ABS on both wheels. Also the prices of the Pulsar RS 200 were recently revised as well. The new ex-showroom prices are, INR 1,20,000 and INR 1,32,000 for the non-ABS model and the ABS-model respectively. The new Pulsar RS 200 demon black will be available at the same prices.

Pulsar RS 200 colour option demon black
Pulsar RS 200 colour option demon black


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