The guys at Renovatio Motor Works have taken the good old Pulsar 220F and custom modified it with a whole lot of time and effort put into it. This hand built motorcycle has been named as the Pulsar 220 FSB (fastest shooting brake) by them.

Custom modified Pulsar 220F by Renovatio Motor Works
Custom modified Pulsar 220F by Renovatio Motor Works

Below are a list of modifications/enhancements done to the motorcycle:

  1. Whole new front suspension thicker than previous one.
  2. New rear swingarm with linkage Gabriel suspension system.
  3. New tail light blacked out in smoke wrap so that it can easily blend its paint theme which is black.
  4. New rear bigger sprocket to give more torque to the motorcycle.
  5. Front headlight of 5.7 inch and indicator inbuilt.
  6. New clip-ons.
  7. New thicker rim front is 17’×3.5′ and rear is 17’×4′.
  8. New more wider and sportier rims Pirelli Diablo Rosso 2 front is 110×17′ and rear is 150×17′.
  9. New whole blacked out paint with blue pin striping throughout whole motorcycle followed to rims.
  10. Whole rear section frame design and hand built made.
  11. New rear design hand built after gas tank even full tail light hide in the design.
  12. New handmade seat with diamond cutting.
  13. New K&N air filter.
  14. Whole performance upgrade because of rear big sprocket and air filter.
  15. New after market sports exhaust.
  16. Whole bend pipe in golden brownish chrome.

Do you like their build? Check out more of their work at their social media handles:

Instagram- @renovatiomotorworks 

Twitter – @renovatiomotor1

Facebook- @renovatiomotorworks


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