Backwoods enthusiasts are particular about their recreational choices. Trail runners, backpackers, mountain bicyclists and other adventurers put great effort into choosing gear that is personally meaningful and useful. Cyclists, in particular, who want a ride that feels right under them as they twist and turn on dirt paths, consider every aspect of the bike from its frame-build to the installed components. Now, they can put electric bikes on their consideration list, with Tazer MX E-Bikes at the top of that list based on their many attributes. Note the following benefits to see why these bikes could be your next ride.

Electric Bikes on the Trail

To clarify, an eMTB is a cycle that that integrates an electric motor to assist your pedaling efforts. Some electric mountain bikes, like the Tazer MX Expert E-Bike, resemble traditional performance mountain bikes on the trail, where you will see beefy shocks, large disk brakes and efficient frame geometry. When you look closely, however, you will also note a thicker down tube and pedal assembly that houses the battery and that electric motor.

Quick Review of Tazer MX E-Bikes

Because Tazer MX E-Bikes bear resemblances to other mountain bikes, you would find yourself equally comfortable sharing space with club riders or pedaling as a lone wolf on the trail. Both the Tazer MX Pro E-Bike and its sibling Expert model employ reliable and rugged Shimano drive units and components; the newer Shimano motors are stronger and smoother than those of previous generations, so the assistance they provide will feel seamless. These bikes also have excellent suspension travel and staggered wheel sizes. All of these build specifications combine to give a performance advantage on rough trails and muddy paths.

Why You Should Buy an E-Bike

The real question of value comes when you separate out what an electric trail bike gives you that its unassisted counterpart may not. An E-Bike opens more training and recreation opportunities. Because an owner can change the engine assist to varying degrees (based on the bike), cyclists of different levels can ride on even ground; the weaker rider can increase boost to keep up with the stronger one. This same variability also means you can set your pedal resistance to meet your heart-rate goals. Finally, the power of an E-Bike means you can climb steeper hills and travel farther than you could otherwise.

Why E-Bikes Are Lifetime Lifestyle Statements

For most cyclists, an electric trail bike is more than a toy. Unlike traditional mountain bikes, you do not have to choose a machine you will grow into or that you will outgrow as your skills increase. Too many beginners buy bikes that end up sitting in the garage over time. You can take Tazer MX E-Bikes far on the first day you ever ride a trail; you can also ride faster and farther years later and still find room to grow as a cyclist.

Imagine finding yourself grinning on your electric trail bike as you dig in to climb what may have seemed an insurmountable hill. When you consider that MX E-Bikes can help you successfully traverse a path of spirited challenges, investing in such a ride may be one of the best sporting decisions you can make.


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