Aha! Summer is here and now is best time to visit the Europe for a ride. Big cities are complex yet interesting and beautiful; of course you must visit the right ones. Guess what? European cities rank among the most exquisite cities in the world.

Why cities? Cities, especially European ones, have their stories to tell, from games when you click here to other fun activities. Most European cities have been in existence millions of years ago. It is nice to visit places like these so you can relive every moment spent. The piece consists of five European cities you can’t have enough of and why.

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Five Exquisite European Cities Worth Visiting As a Biker and Why

Here are five European cities you’ll never regret visiting, especially as a Biker:

  1. Barcelona

Are you looking for authentic history and a wildly bizarre city? If you’ve found Barcelona, you’ve found the right place. Barcelona attracts romantics, adventurers, culture lovers, and partiers, from its radiant and scenic trails of Park Guell to the lovely alleys of Barri Gotic. You’ll always have diverse, fun things to do.

You could stay for a few days if you like, but I doubt you’ll want to leave a place like this. Take time to relish the architectural marvels of Barcelona fully. Do they have beaches? Of course! Its beach lures visitors and locals, and they can’t get enough of that. The hot fun spot here is the Ciutat Vella, a.k .a. Old City. It has many narrow alleys and streets filled with cafes, restaurants, and nightclubs.

  1. London

Our famous London! The seat of great monarchs! If it is history, London has lots of stories to tell about its iconic sites. It is now a modern city, though. But you can create a bucket list of places to visit, like Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace, and Tower of London. You could also add the ever-bustling London Theatre District if you like plays.

London is the “Harry Potter” zone if you are a millennial. It owns the Harry Potter Studio Tour, which includes Harry Potter-themed souvenirs and a gift shop.

  1. Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Netherlands’ capital has the most magnificent coffee shops and Red-Light District. Their coffee shops sell mysterious herbs; you must try some (don’t worry, it’s safe). That’s just the tip of the iceberg about Amsterdam. It is the home of Europe’s most exquisite, underrated culture and architecture.

You can enjoy a walk down the canal, a tasty Indonesian Soup, a visit to one of the numerous nature parks, or go shopping on the Nine Little Streets. They sell gorgeous stuff! If you want to have a romantic vacation, Amsterdam should be one of your options although it has a male-dominant crowd, you should enjoy it if you’re not the jealous type.

You’ll also have a chance to learn all about the events that happened during World War II at the Anne Frank House and a tour of the Van Gogh Museum.

  1. Prague, Czech Republic

This ever-bustling city attracts more tourists annually. But who wouldn’t visit a place like Prague? Guess what? It is very affordable. It tells stories of dark legacies and resilient pasts. Since AD 870, Prague has withstood the test of time and disastrous events such as invasions, floods, fires, and countless overthrows. Yet, the Czech still stands in verdant beauty, and that’s fascinating enough.

Its urban fairytale today consists of narrow streets, high-storied churches, magnificent hilltop castles, and bridges. You can’t just resist its allure.  It’s like being enchanted by it, in a good way. There’s more! You can visit the popular Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, and Old Town Square. 

Traveling and flying there might cost you money, but your stay will be incredibly affordable. How? Prague’s hotel offers up to 50% discount for as long as you want to enjoy their amazing city.

  1. Paris, France

This is the best place to find “class” if you want one. This city is stylish, chic, and sophisticated. Without calling its name, its description already speaks volumes. Paris has and most likely will keep winning the title of the most visited city in the world. It’s worth the title, though. Why?

Are you looking for where you can tour magnificent artworks, amazing statues, and architecture, not to mention fantastic sculptures? We can’t forget our famous Eiffel Tower and Art Nouveau. Paris is more like the “heaven on earth” kind of place. It is also home to the biggest art museum in the world.

Other fun places to visit? Try the banks of the Seine. It is France’s cosmopolitan city, known for its top-notch cuisine and fashion trends. Visit a place like this, which will require money. It’s a place you’ll want to savor – like sipping a French wine.

Bottom Line

These cities have differences, and all represent their cultural heritage in diverse ways. They bring to light the charm of Europe with a range of phenomenal urban landscapes.


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