Himalayan 450, are you the one? If you are new here let us tell you what we are really crazy about over here, the concept of one bike that can do it all! At least most of us don’t have the luxury of owning multiple bikes, each for a purpose, so the idea of one bike that can do it all is huge. The Himalayan 450 has taken the adventure biking scene by storm, offering a perfect blend of power, performance, and rugged durability. It also seems to be able to handle the daily grind quite well, you know, the office commute and the city wrestle. In this article, we will delve into key aspects such as specs, on-road price, top speed, color options, seat height, accessories, suitability for beginners, and comparisons with the 390 Adventure and the Himalayan 411.

Himalayan 450 detailed look
Himalayan 450 detailed look

Himalayan 450 Specs

The heart of any adventure bike lies in its specifications and how it all comes together. The Himalayan 450 boasts a robust new engine called the Sherp 450 with a single cylinder 452 cc heart, delivering 40 PS @ 8000 rpm and 40 Nm @ 5500 rpm. The bike’s chassis and suspension are designed to tackle the toughest terrains, making it an ideal choice for off-road enthusiasts. With a ground clearance of 230 mm, the Himalayan 450 can conquer challenging landscapes with ease. The 196 kg kerb weight is also encouraging as it is lighter than the Himalayan 411 it replaces.

Himalayan 450 On-Road Price

The on-road price is a crucial factor for potential buyers. The least expensive variant is the Kaza Brown colour option which has a price of Rs. 2.85 lakh ex-showroom. This equates to Rs. 3.73 lakh on-road price for the Himalayan. The higher Himalayan variant which is the Hanle Black reaches Rs. 3.95 lakh on-road price. For what the bike offers the Himalayan 450 strikes a balance between affordability and flexibility of use. While the exact price may vary depending on the location and additional accessories, it competes favorably in its segment with no competitor really coming close in terms of value provided.

Himalayan 450 Top Speed

Adventure seekers crave the thrill of high speeds too, you need some decent speeds to cruise on the unavoidable long highways. The Himalayan 450 doesn’t disappoint, offering an impressive top speed of 160 kmh. This top speed of the Himalayan 450 seems to the average of what most people are getting with some getting 1-2kmph more or less depending on rider weight, slope and other conditions. It sits at top gear (6th gear) at about 5000 rpm doing a 100 kmph cruise speed. Whether you’re cruising on highways or navigating through rough terrains, this bike ensures a thrilling riding experience.

Himalayan 450 top speed
Himalayan 450 top speed

Himalayan 450 Mileage and Fuel efficiency

The Himalayan 450 impresses not only with its power and performance but also with its fuel efficiency. You can realistically get 30 kmpl Himalayan 450 mileage under normal riding conditions. So, whether you’re embarking on long-distance rides or navigating through city traffic, the Himalayan 450 strikes a balance between power and fuel economy, ensuring you can go the distance without frequent fuel stops. Of course if you are gunning it off road with heavy throttle use, this will drop to approximately 20 kmpl, but keep it sane and it will hit that 30 kmpl mileage mark. The exact mileage may vary based on riding conditions, riding style and maintenance practices, but the Himalayan 450 stands out as a reliable companion for riders seeking efficiency on their adventures.

Himalayan 450 Colour Options

Expressing personal style is vital for bikers. The Himalayan 450 offers a variety of color options to suit different tastes. From bold and vibrant hues to more subtle tones, riders can choose a color that reflects their personality. Surprisingly each colour option comes at a different price.

  • Hanle Black Himalayan 450 colour option: Rs. 2.98L ex-showroom
  • Kamet White Himalayan 450 colour option: Rs. 2.93L ex-showroom
  • Slate Poppy Blue Himalayan 450 colour option: Rs. 2.89L ex-showroom
  • Slate Himalayan Salt Himalayan 450 colour option: Rs. 2.89L ex-showroom
  • Kaza Brown Himalayan 450 colour option: Rs. 2.85L ex-showroom
Himalayan 450 all colour options
Himalayan 450 all colour options

Himalayan 450 Seat Height

Comfort is paramount, especially for long rides and non of us are all of the same size. So it makes no sense that a bike is of a fixed seat height too. The Himalayan 450 features a comfortable seat with an adjustable height, accommodating riders of various sizes. This adaptability ensures a comfortable riding posture, contributing to a fatigue-free journey. 825 mm is the standard seat height which is adjustable to 845 mm. Then there is a Himalayan 450 Low seat height option of 805 mm adjustable to 825 mm. This ensures riders of all sizes are comfortable on the Himalayan 450 saddle.

Himalayan 450 Accessories

Customization is key for many bikers, and the Himalayan 450 provides a range of official accessories to enhance both aesthetics and functionality. From protective guards to luggage solutions, riders can personalize their bikes according to their preferences. There are windscreens, radiator guards, headlight grills rally protection and even aluminium hard pannier luggage boxes. All these are available from the official accessory catalogue from Royal Enfield. Of course you get aftermarket ones too paramount of which are LED fog lamps and wiring harness.

Is Himalayan 450 Good for Beginners?

For those new to adventure biking, the Himalayan 450 is a worthy consideration. Its user-friendly design, manageable power delivery, and stability make it an excellent choice for beginners seeking an entry into the world of adventure riding. It is also easy and more affordable than its competitors to maintain. It being lighter than previous generation Himalayan is also a huge value addition. The adjustable seat height will ensure that your feet are always planted and give you great confidence. Unlike the Hero XPulse, even after you hone your skills this bike has enough to keep you interested.

The Himalayan 450 has emerged as a versatile and powerful adventure bike, catering to both seasoned riders and those venturing into the world of adventure biking for the first time. With its impressive specs, customizable features, and competitive pricing, it’s undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with in the adventure biking arena. We will compare it with the old Himalayan 411 and the KTM 390 Adventure soon. So, is it the one?, the simple conclusion is, it’s the closest anyone has ever got.


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