Every motorcycle owner should definitely have a tracker. You may be wondering why? Well, mostly, because of your vehicle‘s safety. A motorcycle tracker is a great measure to protect your motorbike from thieves and find it, even if it gets stolen. Anyway, there are loads of trackers out there, so you may be wondering how to know which one is the best option for you? What to look for in a motorcycle tracker? Continue reading this article, and we will tell you everything you need to know.

Monimoto Motorcycle tracker
Monimoto Motorcycle tracker

Firstly, you should start by setting your budget. There are loads of trackers out there, but many of them cost a lot. They probably have more features, but you can definitely get away with a cheaper tracker. It is still better than nothing. So, decide how much money you can devote to this and start searching. Anyway, you can find a few types of trackers, for example, some of them have alarms and signal just when someone moves them. Other ones – stay silent, but alert someone who will contact you. When looking for the tracker, you should find out what technology it works on? Some of them work on radio frequency, cellular technology, and others use GPS networks. You can probably find a few that work on a few of them. GPS tracker is probably the best choice, but it may cost a little more. Basically, these trackers use satellites and can pinpoint your motorcycle‘s location within three to four meters. But trackers that work on cellular technology are not that bad either.

The device includes a built-in SIM card that allows it to send and receive texts or data to and from a server over the Global Systems Mobile Communications Network, which is the same network that your phone uses. This can also be used to approximate a position using triangulation. Anyway, another thing you should find out is – how does the battery work? When will you have to replace it? Will it alert you? Also, you should definitely ask about subscription fees. And always read all of the reviews about the one that you have chosen. Because even when it looks and sounds good – maybe there is something wrong that you cannot see without using it yet.

Some people may say that buying a motorcycle tracker is not worth it. But you should know that most of the thefts happen in a house area and not the city. So, even if you keep it near your house, your vehicle is never really safe. Also, thefts happen very often, so you can never be sure that you and your motorbike won‘t be in this situation. Do not forget that the tracker will help not only by alerting you that something is wrong but, also with finding the thief. Without it, you may never see your vehicle again. So, is this the risk you are willing to take?

As you can see, there are loads of things to consider before choosing the motorcycle tracker for yourself. Firstly, set your budget and read loads of reviews. Then, find out what technology it works on? Is it GPS or radio frequency? Because both of these are kind of different. Also, find out about the battery‘s work and when you will have to replace it. And lastly, definitely check if there are any subscription fees. Anyway, if you consider yourself a real motorcycle fan, then you should definitely get yourself a tracker. Thefts happen a lot more often than you may think, so consider keeping your vehicle safe.


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