Royal Enfield is making plans to bring out electric motorcycles, and in fact the project is advanced from the planning stage to one where a dedicated team is working on the project. reports that the Royal Enfield electric bike will launch in late-2023 and would be positioned in the mid-motorcycle segment. It would be the first ever mass-produced electric motorcycle from the iconic brand that is now controlled by Eicher.

The website speculates that lightweighting would be a focus area for the engineering team and so would be aerodynamics, which haven’t featured as top priorities in previous projects. The two measures would help RE extract the maximum mileage or range in this case. EVW is expecting that the electric bike would feature a touchscreen TFT display and connected vehicle features that would let users monitor the vitals of their steed. It is unclear at this time if the bike would use a dedicated frame or a repurposed one.

Specifications have not been announced, but a rider would expect a fixed battery in the 8-10 kWh capacity that makes about 40 horsepower and 100 Nm. This would reduce the compromise on the travel range and enable users to take it to the next city where fast-charging for about half an hour would give them the required juice for their return journey. The range is expected to exceed 200 km/charge.

With regards to the price of the Royal Enfield electric, EVW speculates it could fall in the Rs 3 lakh bracket and competition would come from the Yezdi/Jawa electric bike and the BSA Electric bike. The EV is part of the 28 planned launches of the company until 2027 and the company is spending several hundred crores in Capex every year on expansion, products and digitization, it is reported.

Watch out for a concept motorcycle from Royal Enfield next year or in 2022 foreshadowing the design and technology that would feature on the road-going electric bike.

Pictured is the BAAK Motocyclette that is built on the base of the Interceptor 650.

BAAK Motocyclette that is built on the base of the Interceptor 650
BAAK Motocyclette that is built on the base of the Interceptor 650


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