TVS Motor Company further expanding its global footprint has initiated its operations in Italy. TVS Motor already has a presence in 80 countries. The company has established its branch office, TVS Motor Italia, led by Dr. Giovanni Notarbartolo di Furnari. Dr. Furnari brings a wealth of experience from his senior management roles in prominent automotive firms across Italy, Latin America, the UAE, and Europe.

Mr. Sharad Mohan Mishra, President and Head of Group Strategy at TVS Motor Company, expressed the strategic significance of the Italian venture, stating, “Our entry into Italy marks a strategic milestone in our global aspirations. Italy’s rich automotive heritage and its embrace of cutting-edge transportation solutions provide an ideal backdrop for our product lineup.” He further emphasized the company’s successful track record with over 4 million global customers last year, reinforcing confidence in their design, technology, and service capabilities as they enter the European market.

Dr. Giovanni Notarbartolo di Furnari, Director of TVS Motor Italia, underscored the company’s commitment to product quality and customer satisfaction in the Italian market. He remarked, “By establishing a branch office and offering a diverse range of products, including both thermal and electric variants, TVS Motor has demonstrated its confidence and long-term strategy for the Italian market.”

The product range offered by TVS Motor Italia includes:

  • The TVS Apache 310 Series, available in RR and RTR versions, representing a successful international collaboration with BMW.
  • TVS Ronin 250, a ‘modern-retro’ motorcycle designed to cater to the contemporary rider.
  • The TVS Raider, featuring sporty lines and distinctive styling, ideal for daily commuting.
  • The TVS NTorq, a mid-range scooter known for its superior performance, backed by the renowned TVS Racing pedigree.
  • TVS Jupiter 125, a sleek, modern-styled scooter tailored for urban commuting.
  • The TVS iQube, an exhilarating L3e electric scooter, leading the charge towards greener mobility.
  • The TVS X, the world’s most advanced connected electric scooter, setting new standards in the electric scooter category.
  • E-bikes, including the Cilo, EGO Movement, Simpel, and EBCO ranges, catering to urban commuters and outdoor enthusiasts alike, blending performance with urban style.
TVS Motor Italia
TVS Motor Italia


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