KTM India wrapped up its customer racing program, KTM CUP, at the KARI Motor Speedway in Coimbatore last weekend. This event saw top racing talent from 114 cities compete in three categories: Pro, Women, and Amateur. KTM launched its ‘customer racing program,’ the KTM CUP, in December 2022. Season 2 concluded on May 26, 2024, with over 900 racers from 114 towns participating. The KTM CUP, recognized by FMSCII as KTM’s One Make Race Championship, gained support from Castrol and CEAT to further popularize racing in India.

KTM Cup Season 2 Grand Finale
KTM Cup Season 2 Grand Finale

KTM CUP Stages

The KTM CUP consists of three stages: Selections, Qualifier, and Finale. Over 860 racers, including 200 women, participated in the Selections round held in Coimbatore, Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata. The top 66 advanced to the Qualifier. Additionally, 36 Pros joined the Qualifiers in Coimbatore. The Qualifier, featuring 111 racers from 38 cities, is the largest one-make race format event in India.

KTM Race Academy

The KTM Race Academy, a premier racing school, trains racers during the Selection and Qualifier rounds of the KTM CUP. It is led by ex-MotoGP racer Jeremy McWilliams and seven-time INMRC champion Emmanuel Jebaraj.

Season 2 Winners

The winners, who will receive a cash prize and a trip to Austria for the KTM Academy of Speed, are as follows:

  • Pro Category: Rahil Pillari Shetty (1st), Abhishek Vasudev (2nd), Kayan Zubin Patel (3rd)
  • Amateur Category: Adam Feroz Backer (1st), Mohd Yosuf (2nd), Shashanka Sharma (3rd)
  • Women Category: Ann Jennifer (1st), Lani Jena Fernandez (2nd), Tanisha Sanjay Arora (3rd)

Rahil, Adam, and Ann will train with KTM Pro instructors in Austria, alongside MotoGP legends.

KTM Cup Season 2
KTM Cup Season 2


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