KTM has announced its flagship KTM 990 RC R, scheduled for production in early 2025. It embodies a dedicated Supersport persona while being street-legal. This new development merges Austrian engineering excellence with fierce racing DNA, delivering unparalleled performance while meeting the practical demands of street riding. It caters instantly to track enthusiasts and individuals craving the adrenaline rush of a high-performance street bike.

The KTM 990 RC R will excite enthusiasts with its street-legal version, while its racing DNA will be revealed in early 2024 through a prototype participating as a wildcard entry in select European Supersport series. KTM is committed to developing this newcomer to their lineup in the most competitive manner possible: through racing.

KTM is also producing a multi-part behind-the-scenes documentary detailing the R&D journey of the bike and its entry into the Supersport sector. This exclusive content provides viewers with rare insights into the fast-paced world of the Austrian factory, showcasing the transformation of an idea into the street-homologated version of the KTM 990 RC R. The first episode has already premiered, Click HERE for exclusive details.

KTM 990 RC R Prototype
KTM 990 RC R Prototype

KTM 990 RC R Objective

Over the past fifteen years, KTM has gradually introduced sport-oriented products while expanding its off-road racing dominance to the asphalt. The KTM RC8, the KTM RC single cylinder range, and the limited edition KTM RC 8C were prime examples. During this time, KTM has amalgamated R&D, learning, and road racing achievements at a rapid pace. The company now caters to riders seeking a machine born from competition yet engineered to excel on the street. The quest to minimize compromises induced by overly aggressive ergonomics and handling is fulfilled with the KTM 990 RC R, which represents years of development and incorporates data from numerous MotoGP titles and trophies. While it’s a natural evolution of the current KTM RC lineup, its sporting potential allows for easy conversion into a KTM 990 RC R TRACK edition. True to the READY TO RACE ethos, this edition is set to debut in the second quarter of 2025.

KTM 990 RC R production prototype
KTM 990 RC R production prototype

KTM 990 RC R Product Overview

The street-legal KTM 990 RC R features a 57 kg EURO5+ compliant LC8c engine tuned for impressive torque (103 Nm at 10,500 rpm) and 128 PS, channeled through a new ergonomically crafted stainless steel muffler and a shifter that offers standard race-shift reversal.

The steel frame is designed for dynamic performance, with increased front-end weight bias, a dedicated steering head angle of 25 degrees, and offset for enhanced steering responsiveness. Enhanced stiffness provides stability under acceleration on various surfaces while maintaining agility, particularly at low speeds. A diecast aluminum subframe contributes to the overall ride quality.

Ergonomics play a crucial role in the behavior of the KTM 990 RC R. Extensive experimentation has optimized the six contact points on the tank for better rider connection, leaning, and ‘tucking in’ for comfort and support, reducing pressure on the hands. A newly shaped fuel tank is a central component of the ergonomics. Adjustable footrests and fully adjustable WP APEX Open Cartridge Suspension, combined with lightweight cast aluminum wheels wrapped in Michelin tires, further enhance performance.

The MotoGP influence is evident in the wind-tunnel-refined aero wings, providing stability during braking and cornering, and other bodywork features that exude a racing pedigree.

If there were any doubts about the bike’s racing credentials, its effortless transition to the KTM 990 RC R TRACK edition should dispel them. Crafted by KTM in their Austrian factory, the modifications strip away road-legal components, incorporate protective elements, fine-tune adjustments, customize further, and revise the racing bodywork, including a full exhaust system. These modifications ensure that riders can focus on lap times rather than casual riding. Additionally, easy repairs, low maintenance requirements, and extensive dealer support provide further advantages.

The KTM 990 RC R Promise

“The KTM 990 RC R represents a groundbreaking innovation for those who thrive on cornering thrills. It’s for riders who lean close to the road, pushing the limits on the racetrack. This bike offers power and prestige without the hefty price tag. With the unveiling of our KTM 990 RC R in early 2025, we’re fulfilling the anticipation of countless riders and race enthusiasts. While its success will be evident on the track, its unmatched on-road experience will truly set it apart. We believe it will quickly attain cult status due to its exceptional performance in both arenas,” says Riaan Neveling, Head of KTM Global Marketing.



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