Brixton Motorcycles, a renowned Austrian brand known for its stylish and affordable motorcycles, is set to hit the Indian market in a strategic partnership with KAW Veloce Motors Pvt Ltd, India. This collaboration brings a new wave of urban mobility to key Indian cities.

Here’s what to expect from Brixton Motorcycles India:

  • Four models launching this festive season: The Crossfire 500X, Crossfire 500XC, Cromwell 1200, and Cromwell 1200X will be the first Brixton motorcycles available in India. These models boast retro-inspired designs, making them perfect for urban riding and customization.
  • Competitive pricing and urban practicality: Brixton aims to stand out with stylish motorcycles at affordable prices, catering to a wide range of riders in India.
  • Manufacturing facility in India: A production facility is being set up in Kolhapur, Maharashtra, to cater to the Indian market with over 40,000 units annually.
  • Future models designed for India: Phase two of the expansion plan involves developing new motorcycles specifically for Indian consumers at Brixton’s Austria Design Center.
  • MotoHaus dealerships: Get ready for a unique retail experience with MotoHaus-inspired outlets offering a blend of heritage, technology, and accessible luxury.
Brixton Motorcycles India range
Brixton Motorcycles India range

This partnership between Brixton Motorcycles and KAW Veloce Motors marks a significant step in offering Indian riders high-quality, stylish, and affordable motorcycles. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, Brixton Motorcycles India brings a fresh perspective to the two-wheeler industry.

Briton Crossfire 500x
Briton Crossfire 500x


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