Aprilia has officially expanded its superbike lineup in India. This marks a pivotal moment for Indian superbike enthusiasts. Alongside this, the company has named John Abraham, a fervent motorcycle enthusiast, as its brand ambassador to lead this exhilarating venture.

This introduction signifies Aprilia‘s significant growth in India, presenting a wide array of superbikes to suit various riding styles. From the race-inspired RSV4 Factory to the adaptable Tuareg 660, there’s a perfect match for every rider. These superbikes, available as Completely Built-up Units (CBUs) through Aprilia Motoplex dealerships nationwide, encapsulate Aprilia’s iconic ethos – a perfect fusion of state-of-the-art technology, mesmerizing design, and an unwavering commitment to thrilling performance.

Aprilia India 2024 CBUs
Aprilia India 2024 CBUs

RSV4 Factory priced at INR 31,26,000/-: Beyond just a motorcycle, this track-centric machine is crafted for unparalleled speed. Its aerodynamic design slices through the air, and its potent V4 engine delivers unmatched power. Every throttle twist welcomes riders to the elite realm of speed aficionados.

RS660 priced at INR 17,74,000/-: This model harmoniously blends sporty features with modern design. The RS660 is not just visually appealing but also a thrill-seeker’s dream for daily rides. Aprilia’s storied racing background enriches its DNA, turning racetrack prowess into an unforgettable street ride.

Tuono 660 priced at INR 17,44,000/-: Designed as a potent urban rider, the Tuono 660 boasts adjustable suspension and formidable power, ready to dominate city streets with unmatched agility. It’s a machine that yearns to conquer urban terrains.

Tuareg 660 priced at INR 19,16,000/-: Answering the adventure call with confidence, the Tuareg 660 tackles any terrain effortlessly, from winding mountain paths to sandy expanses. Adventure seekers will find an ideal companion in the Tuareg, equally adept at exploring new horizons and commanding attention on the road.

John Abraham Joins Aprilia as Brand Ambassador

Aprilia India is delighted to have John Abraham, an avid Aprilia enthusiast, as its brand ambassador. This collaboration goes beyond a typical celebrity endorsement; it epitomizes the perfect synergy Aprilia sought. Abraham’s enthusiasm for high-performance motorcycles aligns seamlessly with Aprilia’s racing heritage. He resonates with India’s vibrant community of performance biking enthusiasts. He isn’t just a brand ambassador; he’s a genuine fan and rider who embodies Aprilia’s spirit.

During the unveiling of Aprilia’s superbike lineup, John Abraham shared, “I’m excited to represent Aprilia as their brand ambassador. I deeply resonate with Aprilia’s ethos of passion, performance, and style. Being associated with such a renowned brand with a rich legacy is an honor. I eagerly anticipate joining Aprilia on its journey, championing high-performance bikes that epitomize sport, racing, and adventure.”

John Abraham Aprilia India
John Abraham Aprilia India

Mr. Diego Graffi, Chairman and MD of Piaggio Vehicles Pvt. Ltd., remarked, “We warmly welcome John Abraham to the Aprilia family. John’s zeal for performance, adventure, and excellence mirrors the Aprilia spirit. This partnership will undeniably reinforce our brand’s vision and appeal to riders seeking thrilling yet stylish motorcycles.”

He added, “Aprilia has consistently offered exceptional riding experiences. The launch of these superbikes, coupled with the RS 457, marks a significant step in our Indian journey. We believe these bikes will not only fulfill the aspirations of Indian riders but also redefine the superbike landscape. India is a crucial market for us, and we are dedicated to bringing the finest of Aprilia to Indian riders.”

Mr. Apoorva Saigal, Head of Corporate Communication and Marketing, commented, “Welcoming John Abraham as Aprilia’s brand ambassador signifies a landmark moment for us. John’s authentic love for motorcycling resonates with our discerning customers, and his influence will be pivotal in expanding Aprilia’s reach to a broader audience of passionate riders. Together, we eagerly anticipate creating campaigns that celebrate the exhilaration of riding an Aprilia motorcycle.”


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