Celebrating a decade of success in India, Triumph Motorcycles has introduced the MY24 Tiger 900 series. This new range elevates performance, capability, and comfort to redefine the standards for middleweight adventure motorcycles, not only in specs but also in its distinctive character and riding experience. Bookings are now open across Triumph dealerships in India.

  • 2024 Triumph Tiger 900 GT India price – ₹ 13,95,000/- ex-showroom
  • 2024 Triumph Tiger 900 Rally Pro India price – ₹ 15,95,000/- ex-showroom
Triumph Tiger 900 Rally Pro India
Triumph Tiger 900 Rally Pro India

Building on the Tiger’s accolades and rally heritage, this new lineup offers an exceptional adventure biking experience. It sets new benchmarks with features that surpass middleweight adventure bike standards. The lineup consists of the Tiger 900 GT and Rally Pro, both featuring significant upgrades in performance and specs.

More Power Unleashed

The 2024 Tiger 900 comes with an enhanced heart. The signature three-cylinder engine now delivers 13% more power, peaking at 108 PS. This ensures dynamic acceleration and smooth performance throughout the rev range. The iconic T-plane crank configuration remains, preserving the beloved Tiger sound. Additionally, fuel efficiency has been improved by up to 9%, enhancing the joy of longer rides.

Enhanced Capability and Safety

Prioritizing rider safety and control, the new Tiger 900 offers advanced features. Upgraded brakes provide outstanding stopping capabilities, and an innovative emergency deceleration warning system triggers hazard lights during sudden braking to alert following vehicles. Improved marker lights boost visibility, especially in dim conditions.

Understanding the varied needs of adventure riders, Triumph offers up to six riding modes on the Tiger 900 – Road, Rain, Sport, and Off-Road come standard on both models. The Rally Pro goes further with additional modes like Rider Programmable and Off-Road Pro, allowing riders to customize settings for their preferred riding style. These modes optimize engine performance, traction control, and ABS for a safe and exciting ride.

All-Day Comfort Designed In

The Tiger 900 ensures comfortable long rides with its redesigned seat featuring ergonomic padding and 20 mm adjustability to suit riders of all heights. A new damped handlebar system minimizes fatigue and boosts overall comfort.

Aggressive Styling & Customization

Triumph has refined the Tiger 900’s adventure styling for a more aggressive appearance. The new bodywork showcases a streamlined design that seamlessly connects the front beak to the side panels. Riders can choose from three vibrant new paint options tailored to each model to personalize their Tiger.

2024 Triumph Tiger 900 GT India
2024 Triumph Tiger 900 GT India


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