Leave it to Bajaj to mix up the pot in terms of price and performance right? Every single time! For us enthusiasts its quite entertaining. And the best part is to see how other manufacturers react. 40 PS of power coming in at 1.85 lakh, is something only the Pulsar NS400Z does right now. But the important question remains, have compromises been made? Lets find out in our detailed Pulsar NS400Z review.

Bajaj‘s utilization of its extensive product line and parts inventory has made the Pulsar NS400Z remarkably affordable. By incorporating components from their successful models, such as the Dominar 400 for the frame and engine, and various parts from the Pulsar series, Bajaj has effectively minimized costs. Additionally, opting for the 140-section rear wheel not only enhances agility but also contributes to cost efficiency. These strategies enable Bajaj to undercut competitors significantly.

Design-wise, the Pulsar NS400Z follows the evolution of the Pulsar lineup, featuring Bajaj’s distinctive ‘floating panel design.’ Its aesthetics are appealing, with the fuel tank reminiscent of the NS200, a testament to cost-conscious design decisions. That said, there is no obvious cost cutting visible when it comes to quality of parts used. Quality is what you have come to expect from a Bajaj product, similar to what we see on the new Dominars and N series range.

In terms of features, the Pulsar NS400Z introduces a colored LCD speedometer with an additional dot matrix information inset. While the main display offers good visibility, the smaller inset struggles under direct sunlight. The inclusion of ride-by-wire technology enables four riding modes and switchable traction control (only in sport mode), enhancing versatility. The levels of ABS, TC and power delivery vary with each mode. If you are a fan of Bluetooth connectivity and turn-by-turn navigation that’s present too. However, some additional features like distance to empty and average fuel consumption indicators are missed.

Comfort and suspension are commendable, the front non radial adding a soft touch. However if you are looking for something to do some spirited riding with then would suggest to get a radial swapped in for additional feel and stability. The Pulsar NS400Z offers an upright seating position, this is really helpful in terms of using it for the daily commute as well as touring. However, concerns arise regarding ground clearance, particularly when carrying a passenger, necessitating adjustments for urban maneuverability.

Performance-wise, the 373cc engine delivers exhilarating rides, with ample power delivery throughout the rev range. While vibrations are noticeable at higher RPMs, heat management is satisfactory. The gearbox operates smoothly, complemented by slightly shorter gearing for improved acceleration while maintaining cruising capabilities. The engine feels a bit uncomfortable at 2 spots, one is the expected single cylinder drama at higher revs, but you also get a reminder of that around the 3500 RPM mark. A reminder that it does not want to be in that rev range. And truth be told you mostly will never be in that rev range, you will be blitzing past it. Highway manners are good too, sits at 100 kmph at a very refined 5000 rpm. The rear sprocket is one size up compared to the Dominar, combine that with the Pulsar NS400Z being significantly lighter (around 15 kgs), it feels peppier and quicker. When it comes to handling, the reduced weight and the reduced rake angle also helps in keeping up with the naked hoonigan mindset of the engine.

Pulsar NS400Z review
Pulsar NS400Z review

Probably the only area that could be improved at this same price point are the Grimeca brakes. Although from a daily use point of use these are fine, when you are in the mood for some high spirited riding, it lacks the precision. A quick fix would be to just put in sintered pads.

So, ultimately it feels as though every slight shortcoming can be attributed to the incredibly competitive ex-showroom price. At the same time, most of it effects only a certain type of rider who wants to push it quite hard. Even for those riders it is still quite a value package as you just need to swap out a couple of things and voila, its a precision hoonigan, almost like the Dukes.


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