The 2024 Jawa Perak, recently unveiled, comes with significant upgrades to its lively 334cc liquid-cooled engine. These enhancements are designed to enrich the riding experience and reflect Jawa Yezdi Motorcycles‘ dedication to innovation, customer insights, and excellence in R&D. Key improvements include refined gear tooth micro-geometry for better meshing, resulting in reduced noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH). The new gearbox covers also contribute to quieter operation and improved NVH performance. The Perak’s new crankshaft minimizes engine stress, offering a smoother and more refined ride. Paired with an Assist & Slipper (A&S) clutch for smooth gear shifts, the Perak delivers an authentic bobber ride.

Additionally, riders will benefit from improved gear ratios and throttle response, catering to various riding conditions from city commuting to spirited highway journeys. The bike features an updated piston skirt design, a cast iron liner for the cylinder block, sportier suspension for agile handling, a sturdy chassis for dynamic riding, top-notch braking, a 38mm throttle body, and a patented breather system that reduces oil consumption and emissions. The Jawa Perak is priced at Rs 2,13,187 (Ex-showroom, Pune), offering riders a reliable and cost-effective riding companion.

2024 Jawa Perak gets updates to engine
2024 Jawa Perak gets updates to engine


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