Yulu, the largest shared electric mobility company in India, and Bajaj Auto, have announced the launch of their latest electric vehicles, the Miracle GR and DeX GR. These innovative vehicles have been specifically designed for the Indian market, featuring a unique form-factor, ergonomic design, and tech-powered utility. The partnership between the mobility tech company and the leading 2-wheeler OEM is the first of its kind and aims to transform mobility through smart, shared, sustainable, and safe electric vehicles.

Yulu & Bajaj Auto launch Miracle GR & DeX GR electric mobility solution
Yulu & Bajaj Auto launch Miracle GR & DeX GR electric mobility solution

The Miracle GR and DeX GR are powered by Yulu’s AI-led technology stack and are manufactured exclusively by Bajaj Auto. The launch of these vehicles is expected to significantly improve Yulu’s financial metrics and reinforce its position as a market leader in the shared mobility space. With plans to put 100K vehicles on the road across major Indian cities, Yulu is targeting more than 10x growth in revenues by the end of the year. The company’s fleet operates on swappable batteries and is powered by Yuma Energy, with plans to scale up to 500 stations by 2024.

“Together with Bajaj Auto, we are setting a new benchmark in urban mobility by ensuring affordable access to the best-in-class ride, while taking pioneering steps towards green commuting”, said Amit Gupta – Co-founder & CEO, Yulu. “Mobility needs & customer expectations are rapidly changing & traditional ownership models are being disrupted. As a leader in shared mobility, we understand the criticality of curating purpose-built vehicles and robust energy infrastructure to create long-term value. Our partnership with Bajaj Auto was born out of this common vision and this launch will further solidify our position as a market leader in the shared mobility space, while reinforcing our commitment to sustainably solve the problems of traffic congestion and air pollution for daily commute and last-mile deliveries.”

S Ravikumar, Chief Business Development Officer, Bajaj Auto Limited said, “Going electric is a key strategic priority at Bajaj, and Yulu is an integral part of this strategy. Yulu’s deep expertise in EV technology and market knowledge coupled with Bajaj Auto’s strong, world-class R&D & manufacturing capabilities, is a powerful force that is shaping India’s future of mobility. These next-generation made-for-India vehicles with their intelligence, strong engineering underpinnings and sophisticated design aesthetics are a milestone not just for us, but for the entire electric mobility category.”


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