What a past 10 days it has been! The future India is truly electric, Mahindra unveiled it’s Thar.e concept, Ultraviolette announced and sold out their F77 Space Edition and now we are on the Moon! Social media is a buzz with a praises for all three and among all the fast flowing content there was a spark that almost went unnoticed.

For us, this friendly back and forth surely seems like a sign of things to come. In this day and age there is no smoke without a fire and if we are to believe in this spark that Narayan (Founder & CEO – Ultraviolette Automotive) and Pratap Bose (Chief Design Officer, Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd.) have ignited there could be something truly special in the offering. Essentially these are the leaders that are driving not just the Indian EV space but also the global EV space forward.

So what could it be? Well if only it were easy to understand what lies ahead, these creative and imaginative geniuses will surely make our jaws drop. As always let’s hope it’s as electrifying as we are building it up to be.

Ultraviolette & Mahindra planning an electric collab?
Ultraviolette & Mahindra planning an electric collab?


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