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Ultraviolette F77 review

Ultraviolette F77 Recon review

We have been never more excited to ride an electric, we know what these electric motors are capable of right? And with the guys at Ultraviolette making this one all about the experience and from a “riders perspective”, we have been counting down every second till we got to ride the Ultraviolette F77 and letting you guys know our review of it.

Ultraviolette F77 Recon review
Ultraviolette F77 Recon review

In 2019, the original F77 had a battery pack of 4.3 kWh split into three removable units, which was considered decent at the time. However, as the scooter market evolved, the company realized that to remain competitive, the bike needed a larger battery pack. By 2023, the top-end F77 Recon now features a fixed battery of 10.3 kWh (7.1 kWh for the base F77), giving it a claimed range of 307 km according to IDC, with an actual range of over 200 km. This makes the F77 a much more practical option compared to other two-wheeled EVs in India.

The Ultraviolette F77 boasts a futuristic design with a full-fairing and exposed headlight like a streetfighter. It features 41mm upside-down forks and an adjustable rear monoshock for optimal performance. The 17-inch alloy wheels are fitted with W-rated MRF Steel Brace tires for speeds up to 270 kmph. Braking power comes from a 320mm front and 230mm rear disc, with switchable dual-channel ABS from Bosch. The 5-inch TFT display has Bluetooth connectivity and offers features like ride history, vehicle locator, geofencing, and built-in navigation. During our test ride, we checked out the three riding modes, switchable ABS, and three-level regeneration modes.

The F77 is equipped with a 1.3 kW charger that charges from 0-100% in 8-8.5 hours on a standard 15A household socket. An optional “boost” charger, sold separately for around Rs. 30,000, can charge the F77 in 3-3.5 hours and is also available at Ultraviolette Automotive charging points.

Ultraviolette F77 review

The F77 has linear throttle response without being jumpy and provides strong initial acceleration. It reaches 100-110 kmph easily and quickly, although top-end performance was not tested the company claims it’s north of 150. The mid-range is strong and responsive, and in Ballistic mode there’s a noticeable rush of power and torque. The F77 reaches 100-120 kmph effortlessly, but couldn’t be fully tested on a tight go-kart track. In Glide mode, top speed is limited to 80-85 kmph for maximum range, while Combat mode offers everyday performance with a top speed of 100-110 kmph and comfortable cruising at 85-95 kmph. Switching to Ballistic mode provides a whole new experience in terms of power delivery and excitement.

Ultraviolette F77 Recon electric bike review

Regardless of the mode, the accelerator feels intuitive and requires little adjustment if transitioning from gasoline motorcycles. The F77 offers more acceleration than expected, adding excitement to corner exits. The sound, a combination of electric motor whir, reduction whine, and chain drive noise, is unique. Dual-channel ABS comes standard, unlike many other EVs.

The steel trellis frame and suspension provide sharp handling and make it easy to maneuver in and out of corners on the track. Despite it’s weight it feels light while in motion. The weight is noticeable at slow speeds and while making U-turns, but not a major issue. With ample performance, sharp handling, and strong brakes, the F77 is highly impressive.

The Ultraviolette F77, priced starting at Rs. 3.80 lakh (Ex-showroom), may seem costly, but its impressive speed, sharp handling and premium features make it a wise investment in the long run. Although it may seem overpriced compared to gas-powered bikes, the long-term savings on fuel and maintenance offset the initial cost. The high-end F77 Recon model is priced at Rs. 4.55 lakh (Ex-showroom). As an early adopter of electric sports bikes, the Ultraviolette F77 is worth considering in terms of long-term ownership costs.



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