The Suzuki Burgman Street has established itself as a leading 125cc scooter in the market, and it’s not hard to see why. With its dependability, practicality, and stylish appearance, this scooter has garnered a solid reputation. Suzuki has now taken a step further to enhance its appeal by launching the new EX variant, which offers several notable enhancements compared to the rest of the lineup. In this review, we will delve into the key new features of the Burgman Street EX and how it feels riding it.

Suzuki Burgman Street EX Review
Suzuki Burgman Street EX Review

Suzuki Burgman Street EX: Enhanced Exterior

Improved handling with a larger rear wheel. The distinguishing feature of the new Burgman EX is its rear wheel. While the rest of the Burgman range (including Access/Avenis) comes with a 10-inch rear wheel, the EX variant boasts a 12-inch one. This alteration not only affects the riding dynamics but also enhances the scooter’s aesthetics. Unlike its predecessor with the smaller wheel, the new EX appears more proportionate and visually appealing. The larger rear tire has also resulted in slight dimensional and weight differences. The EX weighs 1kg more (at 111kg), has a 25mm longer wheelbase, and is 5mm narrower than the standard Burgman.

Suzuki Burgman Street EX: Ride and Handling

A firm and composed ride with improved cornering. Upon riding the new Burgman Street EX, you’ll immediately notice several differences compared to the standard Burgman. Firstly, the EX variant feels sturdier at the rear, which Suzuki claims is due to the unchanged suspension setup. The ride quality is good and less forgiving on uneven roads.

The larger wheel has significantly enhanced the scooter’s handling. The Burgman Street EX feels more composed when cornering and eliminates the slight skittishness of the standard version. Moreover, braking performance has improved, with the EX variant requiring over 2 meters less distance to come to a halt from 60kph.

Burgman Street EX Review
Burgman Street EX Review

Suzuki Burgman Street EX: Performance

Comparable performance to the standard Burgman. In terms of performance, the Burgman Street EX remains on par with the standard model. It is equipped with the same 124cc, two-valve, single-cylinder engine found in the rest of the lineup. The EX variant delivers slightly lower horsepower (8.6hp) at a marginally lower RPM, while torque remains the same at 10 Nm.

Suzuki Burgman Street EX: Fuel Efficiency

Similar fuel economy with enhanced features. While performance improvements may be limited, fuel efficiency remains consistent across the lineup. The Burgman Street EX features Suzuki’s new SEP-alpha technology, which, combined with the auto start/stop feature, offers a more refined riding experience compared to other models. The auto start/stop system functions seamlessly, shutting down the scooter within seconds of coming to a halt and instantly restarting when the throttle is engaged. Additionally, users have the option to disable the system if desired. However, it’s worth noting that the start-stop button replaces the engine kill switch found on the rest of the Burgman range.

Aside from the new fuel-saving technology, the EX variant also introduces a silent starter feature that is not yet available on other Burgman models. Furthermore, it retains other notable features such as an LCD display, Bluetooth connectivity, a glovebox with a USB port, and an LED headlamp.

Suzuki Burgman Street EX A Comprehensive Review
Suzuki Burgman Street EX A Comprehensive Review

Suzuki Burgman Street EX: Final Verdict

With a price tag of Rs 1.12 lakh, the Burgman Street EX comes at a significant premium compared to the standard Burgman and the Ride Connect version, with an additional cost of Rs 22,400 and Rs 19,000, respectively. Considering the marginal performance differences and the overall design similarities, except for the rear wheel, the EX variant may seem expensive for what it offers. Unless the quietness of the silent start system and the convenience of start-stop technology are must-haves, opting for one of the other variants from the Burgman lineup may provide better value for money. Not only will this save you some cash, but it will also offer a similar riding experience.


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