Hyderabad-based Quantum Energy, a leading electric vehicle (EV) start-up specialized in designing, developing, manufacturing, and selling electric scooters, has announced a strategic partnership with ScooEV, an EV two-wheeler rental company.

This collaboration involves a sizeable fleet of around 1000 e-scooters, powered by Quantum Energy’s cutting-edge Bziness Pro model, for last-mile delivery services. The Bziness Pro boasts a powerful 1200W motor, enabling it to reach a top speed of 55 kmph effortlessly. Equipped with an LFP battery, it offers the best range in its segment, covering up to 135 km on a single charge, backed by a 3-year or 90,000 km warranty. These electric scooters provide unmatched efficiency and reliability for commercial deliveries, making a significant contribution to reducing carbon emissions and promoting sustainable urban logistics. Notably, the Bziness Pro is packed with segment-leading features, including an inbuilt IOT tracker with an IP67 rated battery pack, Remote Lock-Unlock, Anti-Theft Alarm, USB Charger, Disc Brakes, LCD Display, and more.

Chetana Chukkapalli, Director of Quantum Energy Limited, expressed their satisfaction in partnering with ScooEV, aiming to deliver the best solutions for the growing delivery and e-commerce sector, particularly in electrifying last-mile delivery and reinforcing the B2B segment.

Dr. Amit S Closepet, CEO of Scoo EV Rentals, shared their delight in collaborating with Quantum Energy Limited as their esteemed partner, offering sustainable and highly efficient e-bikes that cater to their B2B rider-centric requirements. Together, they aim to promote a frugal green commute.

Quantum Energy and ScooEV partner to electrify last mile delivery
Quantum Energy and ScooEV partner to electrify last mile delivery


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