Home News Joy e-bike opens 12 more dealerships across 7 States in India

Joy e-bike opens 12 more dealerships across 7 States in India

Joy e-bike Agrawal Associates-Varanasi, UP
Joy e-bike Agrawal Associates-Varanasi, UP

Wardwizard Innovations and Mobility Ltd., a leading manufacturer of electric vehicles in India operating under the brand ‘Joy e-bike,’ has successfully inaugurated 12 exclusive distributor showrooms across 11 diverse cities in India as part of its strategic expansion plan to establish a nationwide presence. These showrooms will play a crucial role in ensuring efficient supply chain management for distributors and dealers while providing easy access to vehicles for customers from all corners of the country.

This initiative marks a major milestone in the company’s network expansion and restructuring of its distribution-dealer model. The opening of these distributor showrooms reflects Joy e-bike’s dedication to building strong relationships with dealers and customers not only nationally but also in Tier-II and Tier-III cities.

These exclusive distributor showrooms are well-equipped with comprehensive sales and service facilities, serving as significant centers for Joy e-bike across seven states, namely Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Gujarat, Odisha, Delhi, and Maharashtra. They offer a wide range of low and high-speed electric two-wheelers, including the latest model, MIHOS, a high-speed electric scooter made of Poly Dicyclopentadiene Material (PDCPD), providing exceptional durability for riders.

Moreover, these premium showrooms go the extra mile by offering customers a hands-on experience and in-depth product understanding through a dedicated team of experts. The company is committed to providing optimum solutions that perfectly cater to the commuting needs and convenience of its valued customers. This commitment exemplifies the company’s dedication to delivering the best customer-centric experience while remaining focused on innovation and maintaining the highest quality standards.

Joy e-bike opens 12 more dealerships across 7 States in India
Joy e-bike opens 12 more dealerships across 7 States in India

Commenting on the network expansion, Mr. Yatin Gupte, Chairman, and Managing Director of Wardwizard Innovations and Mobility Ltd., expressed his delight in announcing the opening of 12 more Joy e-bike Distributor Showrooms across seven states in India. He emphasized that this milestone reflects their commitment to providing exceptional customer experiences and streamlining the supply chain. The company aims to offer a seamless buying and ownership journey for its valued customers through cutting-edge facilities and superior sales and service resources. This expansion is a testament to their vision of revolutionizing the e-bike industry and building lasting connections with customers nationwide.

In addition to this, the company has recently revealed plans to restructure its distribution-dealer model by establishing 150 ‘Distributor Showrooms’ at the district level, a strategic move aimed at enhancing supply chain efficiency and improving vehicle accessibility for customers. With an extensive network of over 600 touchpoints across the country, the new distribution model empowers high-performing taluka dealers as District Distributors.



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