Ignyte helmets and riding gear, has launched the “IGN-7 ECE 22.06” helmet, which is the first made in India by an Indian brand to conform to ECE 22.06 Homologation standards. This helmet is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including the NACA air flow system, which is used in aircraft and super cars, to improve ventilation and refresh the interior of the helmet. The helmet is also built with 9 parts EPS, combining multiple layers with multiple densities for ultimate protection for the rider against impact. Additionally, the helmet features a factory-fitted PINLOCK 70 anti-fog lens and is ECE 22.06 and DOT FMVSS No.218 certified. The helmet has been designed by an Italian team and rigorously tested in third-party Italian labs and in-house testing facilities to meet all international safety standards.

This model starts fromMRP. Rs. 6199/-in monocolor and MRP. Rs.6499/- in decal version and is available in medium (580 mm), large (600 mm), and XL (610 mm) sizes.

Ignyte made in India helmet ECE, DOT and BIS certification
Ignyte made in India helmet ECE, DOT and BIS certification

The “IGN-7 ECE 22.06” helmet is constructed with 9 parts EPS, featuring multiple layers with varying densities for superior protection against impact. The helmet also includes a cheek and chin guard EPS, providing robust protection in multiple areas. The ECE 22.06 standard includes 18 impact points, an increase from the 5 impact points in the previous ECE 22.05 standard, and tests are done at varying speeds of 6, 7.5 and 8.2m/s, compared to the single speed of 7.5m/s in the ECE 22.05 standard.

An added feature of the “IGN-7 ECE 22.06” helmet is the factory-fitted PINLOCK 70 anti-fog lens, which offers improved coverage on the visor. The visor of the helmet is also ECE 22.06 certified, and the testing for visor has become more rigorous with a permissible limit of diffusion after abrasion of 10%, compared to the previous standard of 20%. The helmet has been designed by an Italian team and thoroughly tested in both third-party Italian labs and an in-house lab equipped with state-of-the-art testing equipment to ensure compliance with all international safety standards. The helmet also has the E3 22.06 Certification, which is the most stringent of certifications among European commissions, and is certified by the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility. Additionally, the helmet has undergone testing by a third-party lab in the United States to ensure compliance with the DOT FMVSS No.218 certification.

The IGN-7 helmet is the brainchild of Mr. Kashish Kapur, Director of Ignyte Helmets. It is the only Indian helmet brand to have triple homologation, meeting global safety standards including the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS No. 218), Bureau of Indian Standards (IS 4151:2015), and Economic Commission for Europe (22.06). The team at Ignyte Helmets is excited to introduce the IGN-7 ECE 22.06 helmet, which not only meets international safety standards, but also incorporates advanced NACA duct technology. There is a growing demand for high-end helmets with additional safety features and global certifications, particularly among high-end bike riders, and Ignyte Helmets has developed the IGN-7 ECE 22.06 to meet this market need for premium quality helmets.

The IGN-7 ECE 22.06 helmet is designed for a comfortable riding experience, featuring a stylish reflective interior with comfortable, super-soft fabric. It also includes a double D-ring fastener, high-frequency thermo foam wind deflector, nose protector and a visor locking mechanism. The shell is made of a high-impact PC-ABS blend material that meets ECE 22.06 and DOT standards. Additionally, it has a slider mechanism inner sun-shield to protect against direct sun rays during the day. The helmet also has removable and washable interior padding and cheek pads for hygiene purposes. The IGN-7 ECE 22.06 helmet can be customized with different options such as Photochromic visor, Polygene fabric, SITIP Italian fabric, specialized cool max fabric, titanium Double D-rings, etc.


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