In the midst of fierce competition during Race 2 in Round 4 of the 2023 FIM Asia Road Racing Championship (ARRC), the IDEMITSU Honda India Racing team concluded the decisive round today, securing a cumulative total of 2 points at the Mandalika International Street Circuit located in Indonesia.

Kavin Samaar Quintal, elevated his performance and exhibited impressive prowess in the ultimate race of the day. In Race 1, he demonstrated a determined start and concluded at the 16th position, completing the race with a total lap time of 18:21.505, regrettably failing to accumulate any points for the team. However, in the final race, he showcased his mettle by maintaining a steady performance. Crossing the finish line with precision and velocity, he secured the 14th position in Race 2, achieving a lap time of 18:17.388. Amidst the high-stakes championship environment, he retained his composure and skillfully navigated through the circuit’s challenges, ultimately earning the team 2 valuable points in the championship tally.

On the flip side, Kavin’s fellow teammate, Mohsin Paramban from Mallapuram, engaged in a determined ride to conclude Race 1 of AP250cc in the 22nd position. Displaying resilience and expertise, he progressed by three positions to secure the 19th spot in the final race, registering a lap time of 18:53.400.

With the conclusion of Round 2, the IDEMITSU Honda Racing India team accrued an additional two precious points, augmenting their cumulative tally to 21 points in the ongoing 2023 FIM Asia Road Racing Championship (ARRC).

Comment from Mr. Yogesh Mathur, Director of Sales & Marketing at Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India:

“The overall round was characterized by intense competition. Our riders delivered praiseworthy performances on the track. I am pleased with the dedicated efforts of Kavin and Mohsin, showcasing unwavering determination to navigate the race seamlessly. After a thorough evaluation of yesterday’s performance, we overhauled our strategies to elevate our performance in Race 2. Both riders truly demonstrated their riding prowess and resilience in this round. We consistently learn from our mistakes after each round and assist our riders in refining their riding techniques under the guidance of Honda instructors. Our team’s determination remains resolute as we aim higher for the upcoming rounds.”

Quote from IDEMITSU Honda Racing India rider Kavin Quintal:

“Race 2 served as a genuine test of my skills and endurance. I exerted my utmost on the track, implementing all the lessons from yesterday’s race. I intend to scrutinize today’s performance and devise improved strategies for the next round. My primary focus was on maintaining steadiness and capitalizing on opportunities at the appropriate moments to progress. Despite the numerous crashes on the track, I remained composed and consistent, concluding the race and accruing points for my team. I am appreciative of the complete support from the entire HMSI team, affording me the chance to demonstrate our capabilities on the international stage.”

Quote from IDEMITSU Honda Racing India rider Mohsin Paramban:

“The competition was intense today, and I exerted my utmost on the tracks. Representing HMSI is an honor, and I eagerly anticipate further honing my skills to achieve even more impressive outcomes in the future. This round has provided me with substantial learning, propelling me to intensify my efforts for enhanced results. Collaborating with our instructors, we will refine our strategies to effectively compete on the international arena and bring honor to our nation.”

The IDEMITSU Honda Racing India team now looks ahead to the fifth round of the 2023 FIM Asia Road Racing Championship, scheduled to take place in China from October 6th to 8th, 2023.

IDEMITSU Honda Racing India team rider Kavin Samaar Quintal in Race 2 of Round 4 of 2023 ARRC
IDEMITSU Honda Racing India team rider Kavin Samaar Quintal in Race 2 of Round 4 of 2023 ARRC


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