Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways, Nitin Gadkari, recently spoke about the future of fuel in India, stating that “Hydrogen is our future fuel and India’s future vehicles will run on hydrogen and green fuels.” Gadkari made this statement at the second Ideas of India Summit organized by the ABP Network. He went on to say that although he has never spoken about India’s EV targets for 2030, the country will definitely shift to electric vehicles in the coming years.

Nitin Gadkari Hydrogen Future
Nitin Gadkari Hydrogen Future

Gadkari also emphasized the importance of reducing India’s dependence on fossil fuels, which currently results in an import bill of Rs. 16 lakh crore every year. The minister expressed confidence that in the near future, Indian farmers will produce green fuel and green hydrogen, leading to a significant reduction in this import bill. Additionally, he stated that Lithium ion batteries will lead the shift from petrol and diesel-driven cars and expressed his belief that India will soon become a net exporter of Lithium, becoming a major global player.

Gadkari acknowledged that road safety is a major issue in India, with the accident rate remaining stubbornly high. The minister urged society to introduce road safety education at the primary level to raise awareness among Indians at a young age. He also announced plans to build new facilities like helipads and drone pads on new roads for quick and emergency transport.

The Ideas of India Summit brought together leaders from diverse sectors to address where India stands in the current global context. With the 2024 Lok Sabha Elections just a few months away, issues like geo-political tension, inflation, unemployment, and digitization have become critical points of discussion. The summit aimed to shed light on these issues and disruptions through the lens of those dealing with them at the strategic and core levels.


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