Ather Energy has announced the installation of more than 1000 fast-charging stations, known as Ather Grids, in 80 cities throughout the country. Ather has been expanding its network to make its flagship scooters easily accessible, and it plans to install over 2500 fast-charging grids by the end of 2023 to promote range confidence and streamline the switch to electric vehicles. Ather Energy has prioritized the creation of a strong fast-charging infrastructure since its inception, and has made its charging connector technology available to all OEMs, establishing an interoperable platform for two-wheeler fast charging. With 60% of its current installations in Tier-II and Tier-III cities, the Ather Grid is now the most extensive fast-charging network in India for two-wheeler EVs. Moreover, Ather has placed the grids strategically across cities to facilitate intercity rides. This means that consumers can now plan hassle-free journeys from Pune to Mumbai, Siliguri to Darjeeling, or Coimbatore to Ooty, to mention a few examples.

Ather Energy now has 1000+ fast charging stations across India.

EV owners can charge their vehicles up to 80% at approximately 1.5 km/min at the fast-charging stations. The Ather Grid App supports this charging network and allows all EV owners to locate and check the availability of the nearest charging stations in real-time. Electric two-wheelers and four-wheelers can use the fast-charging network, and the service is currently free of charge until March 2023. Ather Energy has recently launched a new initiative called Ather Neighborhood Charging, which provides public access to charging stations in areas such as corporate buildings, tech parks, and residential complexes. This will make charging hassle-free and give people the confidence to switch to electric mobility.

Commenting on the milestone, Ravneet Phokela, Chief Business Officer, Ather Energy, said “A robust charging infrastructure is one of the major drivers in accelerating faster adoption of electric vehicles. As a brand focused on building a vibrant EV ecosystem, we have made strong investments in building what is already India’s largest public fast-charging network. We are accelerating our scale up, and also adding Neighbourhood Charging – a charging solution focused on semi-private spaces such as apartment blocks, office, tech-parks etc. We stay committed to investing strategically in the space and supporting the growth of the industry.”

Ather Energy had an excellent start to the year, delivering 12,419 units in January 2023, the company’s best-ever monthly sales. To keep up with the growing demand in India, Ather inaugurated its second manufacturing facility in Hosur. The company has a robust retail sales network across the country and has a presence in 80 cities, with over 100 Experience Centers. Ather Energy plans to expand its retail footprint and increase its presence in tier 1, 2, and 3 cities in India, with a target of 150 centers in 100 cities by March 2023.


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