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2023 Indian Sport Chief unveiled

2023 Indian Sport Chief

Indian Motorcycle has introduced its latest and most fierce version of the legendary Indian Chief motorcycle, known as the Sport Chief. By enhancing one of the most renowned and impactful motorcycle models in history, the 2023 Sport Chief sets a higher standard for American V-Twin performance cruisers. This is achieved through the use of high-quality, performance-focused parts and classic, American design.

2023 Indian Sport Chief

Indian Motorcycle focused on optimizing performance while creating the Sport Chief model, by incorporating top-of-the-line components from trusted brands. For instance, the Sport Chief boasts KYB inverted front forks, which are also utilized in Indian Challenger models, resulting in superior handling and ride performance. The motorcycle’s dual-disc, four-piston, semi-floating caliper, radial-mounted Brembo brakes offer reliable stopping power that inspires confidence. Additionally, the Sport Chief’s piggyback rear FOX shocks offer increased travel up to 100 mm and a lean angle of 29.5 degrees, surpassing other Indian Chief models. Consequently, the Sport Chief is designed to encourage more aggressive riding while providing the rider with the assurance and ability to elevate their riding experience.

The Sport Chief maintains the classic mechanical design of the Indian Chief, utilizing a simple steel-tube frame. Powering the motorcycle is a blacked-out Thunderstroke 116 engine, producing 162 Nm of torque. To distinguish itself from other models in the Indian Chief lineup, the Sport Chief features a stylish new Quarter Fairing, as well as new moto-style bars with machined triple clamps and 152 mm risers. Additionally, the bike’s mid-mount foot controls and solo gunfighter seat ensure a comfortable and commanding riding position. Other noteworthy features include sport cast wheels paired with Pirelli Night Dragon tires, a 15.1 litre fuel tank, bobbed rear fender, dual exhaust, LED lighting, keyless ignition, and three selectable ride modes – Sport, Standard, and Tour.

2023 Indian Sport Chief

The Sport Chief also includes advanced ride-enhancing technology as a standard feature, incorporating Indian Motorcycle’s cutting-edge 101 mm touchscreen powered by RIDE COMMAND. The system can be accessed via handlebar controls or the digital touchscreen display, enabling riders to switch between multiple interfaces, including two gauge configurations, bike and ride information, and turn-by-turn navigation. If paired with a wireless helmet communicator via Bluetooth or USB, riders can control their music within the RIDE COMMAND system. Additionally, riders can access their phone information, including recent calls, contacts, number pad, and text message history. Incoming calls will appear on the RIDE COMMAND system, allowing riders to accept or decline them directly.



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