In line with ‘The Call of The Blue’ brand campaign, India Yamaha recently organised a Track Day for its customers, at the Aruani Grid in Bangalore, from 3rd – 4th December 2022. This is the company’s 4th Track Day event, followed by track days conducted at Buddh International Circuit (Delhi), Madras Motor Race Track (Chennai) and Kari Motor Speedway (Coimbatore).

Yamaha Organizes ‘The Call of the Blue’ Track Day in Bangalore
Yamaha Organizes ‘The Call of the Blue’ Track Day in Bangalore

The experiential ride was conducted to offer customers the experience of riding on a race track with their own Yamaha machines. This enabled them to understand various parameters like lean angles, high speed cornering, braking and body movement. Customers also got to understand the benefits of the quick shifter, traction control system available on the YZF-R15 V4 and YZF-R15M, which proved to be most effective in high speed straight lines and corner exits. Overall, the Track Day allowed Yamaha customers experience the true potential of their machines, while also learning about the difference between riding on a race track as opposed to public roads.

The event was graced by 700 Yamaha fans, out of which 200 customers owning the YZF-R3, YZF-R15, MT-15, the FZ range and the AEROX 155, participated in the experiential track ride. The Track Day event is one of many platforms curated by Yamaha to establish its global image as an exciting brand with a strong racing heritage, giving the customers a sense of pride and belongingness.

Under ‘The Call of the Blue’ umbrella, the company will continue to offer such unique Track Day events to its customers across India. The Track Day experience majorly includes the track riding experience, Posture training, trial sessions and Safety Tips, etc.


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